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Department of Psychiatry - Teaching/Learning Activities


A range of methods are used that include

  • Lectures
  • Student-led seminars
  • Maintaining Case books
  • Portfolio-based reflective writing
  • Case-Based discussions
  • Clinical Training
  • Small group discussions
  • Multi-disciplinary learning
  • Field visits

The psychiatry program at FOM/SUSL  has a three-component structure that includes

  • Sciences basic to psychiatry
  • Clinical psychiatry 
  • Community psychiatry

The first component is presented in a student-centered format. The latter consists of two clinical attachments - a total of 12 weeks duration at the Teaching Hospital Ratnapura and placements in a range of community settings.


  • Year 2  Semester 4 to year 3 Semester 5
    • Lectures/ Student presentations -30 hrs 
  • Year 3 Semester 6 to Year 4 Semester 8
    • Lectures /Other learning methods - 60 hours 
  • Year 4 Semesters 7 to 8
    • Clinical attachments and community mental health - 12 weeks 
  • Year 5 Semesters 9 to10
    • Case-Based Discussions on Common Psychiatric presentations-12 hours 
    • Professorial Appointment- 8 weeks 



Eligibility to appear for the End of Course Assessments ( Final MBBS)

  • Satisfactory completion of 12 weeks of clinical appointments 
  • Satisfactory completion of group portfolio and reflective writing-based viva voce


Continuous  Assessments

Sciences Basic to Psychiatry Course:

Method of Assessment Marks Allocated
Group presentations/ Seminars and portfolios - Formative assessment  
Individual reflective writing-based viva voce 5
Written  cases during Clinical attachments and community mental health program 5
Total Marks 10


Final MBBS Examination
Method of Assessment Marks Allocated
Paper 1 – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)/Single Best Responses(SBR)  (50) 25
Paper 2 – Structured Essay Questions(SEQ) 25
Longcase- 01 case 25
Modified Observed Clinical Examination(MOCE) or Short Case- 02 cases 15

The Continuous Assessment marks out of 10, will be considered only for the first attempt at the end of course assessment (Final MBBS).