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Welfare & Counseling

Student counsellors offer, confidential and non-judgmental support to students who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns. Most of the medical undergraduates are going through different pressures and difficulties associated with academic work as well as due to peer pressure, isolation and separation from home etc. Students use counselling for all kinds of different reasons and you don’t need to be in a crisis to meet counsellors. Their services can help the students to find ways forward, make decisions, gain new perspectives, discover solutions and come to terms with and manage challenging life events. At present the counselling services have a close collaboration with external resources for those who need professional or clinical interventions.

Welfare society was established in 2019. FOMWS comprises of Academic staff members and undergraduate medical students The WS members meet monthly and provides a forum for students to raise any issues related to student welfare. The WS also identifies students with financial problems and the most deserving students are assisted either by finding sponsors or through the Medical Students' Financial Assistance Scheme.

Main objectives of the welfare society,

  1. Work for the welfare of faculty students through Health, Education, Liberty & Peace.
  2. Create awareness among university students for their rights and privileges.
  3. To ensure in providing the students an environment where they can work better, study better, behave better and express themselves as a better version towards the faculty, university and society
  4. To provide students with a platform for reporting their extracurricular problems and getting satisfactory solutions
  5. To support financially for the students who require financial aids for their special requirements. 

For the year 2020;

  • President: W.M Indeewari nelukanthi senavirathna
  • Vice President: M.K.T Madushani
  • Secretary: T.G.M.K.Tissadeniya
  • Treasurer: O. Prathibha prasangi chandrasiri
  • Representatives: Amasha welgama, K.L Dissanayake