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Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery is primarily responsible for the undergraduate teaching and training in Surgery and allied fields. The other functions of the Department of Surgery include training of postgraduates, research and provision of surgical services.

Currently, the Department of Surgery functions under the Dean’s Office and involved in curriculum development and planning of the department infrastructure which includes the University Surgical Ward and Operation theatre, to be located in the ‘Clinical Building’ to be constructed at the premises of the Teaching Hospital, Rathnapura.

The Surgery Curriculum is developed within the framework of ‘UGC-Core Curriculum in Surgery 2020’ with the aim of producing a medical graduate with the required knowledge and skills in surgery with the desirable attitudes, to serve Sri Lanka.

The students are encouraged to think and work out issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases, based on pathophysiology, rather than merely memorizing. The application of Basic Sciences and Applied Sciences to the diagnosis and treatment is emphasized.

The value of effective communication and paying attention to patient safety concerns are highlighted, while emphasizing the fact that the healthcare workers responsibility extends beyond the patient, towards the patient’s family and the community he lives in.

The Department of Surgery works in collaboration with the Extended Faculty Teachers and the Administrators of the Teaching Hospital to achieve the objectives of the surgery training programme.