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Complementary and Alternative Medicines Research for Diabetes and Obesity Unit

Complementary and Alternative Medicines Research for Diabetes and Obesity Unit (CAM-DOU)

The rising prevalence of diabetes and obesity poses a significant public health challenge globally.  Recognizing the challenges and limitations of conventional medical approaches, there is a growing requirement to explore complementary and alternative medicines as adjunctive or alternative therapies in controlling these metabolic disorders. This research group specializes in investigating the potential of natural products, including herbs, botanicals, and dietary supplements, in managing diabetes and obesity.  

Our research group is focused on screening medicinal plants, to identify their therapeutic effects against diabetes and obesity and to conduct research on bioactive extracts and compounds with the potential to treat various aspects of these complex metabolic disorders. Further, we are also investigating the scientific basis backed with in vitro and in vivo studies that can elucidate the physiological impact of these natural products in controlling, managing, or curing diabetes and obesity. 

This includes research on alginate products with bacteriostatic properties to manage the diabetic foot ulcers. The overarching goal of a research Unit is to advance scientific knowledge, develop innovative therapies, and ultimately improve the prevention and management of diabetes and obesity.  


Objectives of CAM-DOU

  • To screen and identify bioactive medicinal plants and isolate purify and characterize Bioactive Compounds o these extracts: 
  • To Investigate the mechanisms of action of active extracts and compounds on glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, and appetite regulation, in pathways involved in diabetes and obesity 
  • To Conduct preclinical studies, such as in vitro assays and animal models, to assess the efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic properties of lead compounds.
  • To develop and optimize Formulations of combined extracts or plant mixtures to improve bioactivities and to easy-use decoctions. 
  • To develop alginate wound dressing with bacteriostatic compounds to manage diabetic foot ulcers.
  • To perform animal studies and clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of active formulations to assess endpoints such as glycemic control, weight loss, lipid profiles, and other relevant metabolic parameters.
  • To carry awareness programs, education, and training for scientists, and the public on the role of natural products (medicinal Plants) in diabetes and obesity management
  • To establish partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions for research and marketing.