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The growing economic crisis of Sri Lanka is pushing thousands of middle-income citizens of its 22 million population beneath the poverty line and millions more are losing jobs, health care, and food security, every single day. Amidst this crisis medical education has to continue in order to assure the continued graduation of medical professionals the country needs.

An undergraduate who enters the medical faculty at the age of 20-22 years has to spend five to six years of their life in an academic world without generating any income. This is an extremely difficult time period where many students and their families have to face immense hardships. Above all, the current generation of students was challenged by both the Covid 19 pandemic and the current financial and political insecurity, forcing some students to even leave University. The purpose of the “Ālocanā Bursary” is to provide financial assistance to needy students who ae at the verge of giving up their studies.

We welcome all the generous donors to this valuable task of assisting a future doctor to continue their medical education. We have selected the candidates based on their income. We do not divulge personal information of the students and we will protect your anonymity if requested.


  1. Methods of contribution
    1. Donate a lump sum of money which will be deposited in a bank as a fixed deposit under the donors’ name and the bursary will be generated from the interest. At the end of the fixed period, the donor can decide to renew the fixed deposit or discontinue the bursary.
    2. Donate a lump sum of money or as instalments to a bank account of the bursary scheme under the name of the university. University will maintain records and the bursary will be generated using the interest.
    3. Deposit any amount of money to the university account which will be used to generate bursary instalments directly.

    Account name: Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

    Account no: 017-100-126353140

    Branch: Peoples bank, Balangoda Bank code: 7135

    Branch code: 017

  2. Duration of the bursary
    1. Minimum period - one year (12 instalments)
    2. Maximum period – five years (60 instalments)
  3. Amount per bursary - 5000LKR
  4. How can you discontinue the Bursary?
  5. As stated above you can either do a one-time payment or offer in instalments. In an instalment plan we encourage you to continue till the end of a pre-agreed time period. However, if a need arises you may discontinue the bursary after informing the faculty.
  6. Student-Donor relationship
  7. Direct donor-student relationships will not be encouraged. Communications can be facilitated through the Dean/SAR/Mentor if requested and is deemed necessary. Donors can get to know the academic performances of the bursary holder at the end of each year through the faculty.
  8. Students’ academic performances and good standing
  9. In order to assure the good standing of the bursary holders, the faculty takes full responsibility to monitor the attendance to the academic program, academic progress and disclose any disciplinary procedures taken for misconduct. Should a bursary holder be proven guilty of such an offence the faculty has all rights to withhold all scholarships/bursaries according to the University By-laws (UGC act 1996).

Make your donation today……

Please contact our coordinating officer before you make any deposit in-order to maintain accurate records. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarifications. We highly appreciate your generosity during this time of need.



Dr. Kaushalya Kulathunga,

Head, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Mobile: +94-70-600-3004



Dean and the Chair of Financial Assisting Scheme

Prof. Nirmali Wickramarathne

Mobile: +94714468733

Fixed: +94452261601


Post: Faculty of Medicine, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Po Box 01, Hidellana, Rathanapura, Sri Lanka