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Graduate Profile

At the end of the training programme, the medical graduates will be a professional who is:

  • Clinically competent, empathetic, compassionate and ethical;
  • Able to work in a team, communicate well and provide effective and efficient health care;  
  • Competent in the scientific basis of medicine and its application, critical thinking, research, audit and reflective practice;
  • Competent in global and population health, health systems, and information usage and management;
  • Able to respond and adapt to the challenges, and the diverse and changing needs of patients, their families and communities, and contribute to society;
  • Able to respond and adapt to changes and challenges of healthcare systems of the future;
  • Lifelong learners committed to continuous personal and professional development; 
  • Leaders with appropriate values and a vision to change and promote changes to improve health in the community, and the provision of health care services.