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Department of Psychiatry - Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, the student should be a

  • Scholar and a scientist and be able to:
    1. Explain biological, psychological and social factors that affect human behaviour in  health and illness;
    2. Discuss basic ethical values and legal issues related to psychiatry and apply them in necessary practical situations;
    3. Summarize  principles of promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illnesses in a community and specific populations;


  • Practitioner and be able to:
    1. Apply basic scientific knowledge of psychology, sociology and psychiatric phenomenology in a wide range of clinical situations;
    2. Diagnose and rationally manage a defined range of psychiatric disorders in Sri Lanka;
    3. Provide comprehensive and personalized care for mentally ill in primary health care;
    4. Demonstrate communication skills, counselling skills and apply them in psychiatric practice;


  • Professional and be able to:
    1. Illustrate  the importance of establishing a good therapeutic relationship with patients which is necessary for a productive professional relationship to care for the mentally ill;
    2. Demonstrate ability to work as a member and a leader of a team.