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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Faculty of Computing was established in 2023 with the view of assisting in the quality assurance of teaching, learning, assessment, and administrative related tasks/activities at the Faculty. The major responsibilities of the IQAC are:


  • Implementation of routine evaluations (teacher, course, peer, laboratory, field visits) and analyze the data and provide recommendations 
  • Assessment and development of teaching and learning resources
  • Identifying existing gaps and implement guidelines and policies in the Teaching, Learning and Assessment process
  • Planning and implementation of QA related training/capacity development workshops for the Faculty staff and students
  • Planning and organization of activities related to program Review and Institutional Review
  • Liaising with the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University on the implementation of the QA Framework


Upcoming Events


Past Events



Faculty of Computing

Responsibility (Person or Committee)


Implementation of a Digital Workplace Strategy: To adapt to this new environment, Faculty need to adopt digital transformation strategies to move from manual or procedural processes to fully online. Digital transformation is the process of adopting modern IT technologies and integrating these into a traditional system to create new models or to significantly enhance existing methods.

Attendees: Academic, administrative, and non-academic staff

Dr K.P.N. Jayasena

(Senior Lecturer/Dept. of CIS/ FoC)



    1. Final year Research Project Handbook
    2. Lecturer Evaluation
    3. Peer Observation
    4. Off-Campus Field Visit Evaluation
    5. Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF)
    6. Codes of Practice

                                                   i.    Assessment of Students

                                                  ii.    Student Feedback

                                                 iii.    Peer Observation

    1. Subject Benchmark Statements (SBS)

                                                    i.     IS2020

                                                   ii.     CC2020

    1. Manual of Undergraduate Study Program Review
    2. Manual of Institutional Review


Composition Of Quality Assurance Cell 




Name of the Officer


Chairman of the FQAC 

Professor S. Vasanthapriyan 

Dean/ Faculty of Computing



Dr. Sugeswari Lekamge 

Senior Lecturer Gr. II 

Department of Computing and Information Systems


Deputy Coordinator

Ms. Ashansa Wijerathne 

Lecturer (Prob.) 

Department of Software Engineering


Heads of the Department

Dr. Sugeeswari Leakmge  

Head/ Department of Computing and Information  Systems

Dr. Piumi Ishanka  

Head/ Department of Data Science

Mr. P. Vigneshwaran  

Acting Head/ Department of Software Engineering


A Representative from Each  Department

Ms. Lohara Chathumini 

Lecturer (Prob.) 

Department of Computing and Information Systems

Ms. Upeksha Kudagamage  

Lecturer (Prob.) 

Department of Data Science

Ms. R. Nirubikaa  

Lecturer (Prob.) 

Department of Software Engineering


One Professor of the Faculty

Professor B.T.G. Samantha Kumara 


Department of Computing and Information Systems


Two Students Representatives

Mr. Keshan Sankalpa (17APC 3104) 

Department of Computing and Information Systems

Mr. Sahan Chinthaka (19APSE4278) 

Department of Software Engineering


One Representative from the  Technical/Laboratory Staff

Ms. Oshani Devapriya 

Technical Officer (ICT) Gr. III 

Department of Software Engineering


One Representative from the  Secretarial/Office Staff

Ms. Sunethra Nishanthi 

Staff Management Assistant Gr. I 

Office of the Dean 

Faculty of Computing



Ms. K.M. Poornima 

Assistant Registrar (Acting) 

Faculty of Computing