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Certificate Course in Computer & Information Technology

At present, qualified persons in Office Automation are essential in both the private and government sector organizations in Sri Lanka. The Certificate Course in Computer Applications, which is being conducted by the SabaragamuwaUniversity, is designed to fulfill the above requirement. This is the avenue for those who want to expand their career opportunities and to enter the ever so difficult job market.

The programme enlightens the intricacies of the computer as an instrument and the basic science necessary for the operation of the respective instrumentation and its accessories. Special emphasis has been placed on both computer Software and Hardware necessary for the Office Automation.

No of Credits:         30 (SLQFA Level – 01)

Duration       :          9 Months (Weekends)

Medium of the course:  English / Sinhala 

Course Fee: -

Application Fee:          Rs. 500.00

      Course Fee:      Rs. 20,000.00

Participants can pay the course fee in three installments as follows.

At registration             Rs.8000.00

Within three months    Rs.6000.00

Within six months       Rs.6000.00


Minimum Admission Requirement:

Completion of Ordinary Level (O/L) Examination or an equivalent


  1.  Introduction to Computer Systems                              
  2. Word Processing Using Ms Word
  3. Presentation Using MS PowerPoint
  4. Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets
  5. Database Management Using MS Access
  6. Configuring and Troubleshooting PC Systems
  7. Introduction to Electronic Communications
  8. Fundamentals of Programming Techniques
  9. Multimedia & Hypermedia Applications
  10. Computer Networks and Applications

University academic staff will conduct the lectures and practical classes.


University academic staff will conduct the lectures and practical classes.

Course Coordinator:

Mr. S.P.K. Ranatunga,

Senior Lecturer

M Phil (colombo) , MSc in Computer Science (Colombo) , BA Hon.(USJ), PG Dip. in Computer Science

Coordinator, Certificate Course in Computer Applications,

Centre for Open & Distance Learning,

SabaragamuwaUniversity of Sri Lanka, P.O. Box 02, Belihuloya,70140.


Telephone: 045-2280179