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BSc. Honours Degree in Software Engineering

BSc. Honours Degree in Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Degree Programme caters to the objective of producing graduates  who possess a thorough knowledge of basic principles of Software Engineering, with special  attention devoted to large and critical systems to meet the demand of government and  non-government institutes and industries. The Degree Programme intends to prepare undergraduates to comply with high standards of conduct, practice, and qualifications of the Software Engineering profession. 

The curriculum of this Programme aims to prepare students for careers in Software Engineering. The curriculum is well aligned with present and future IT requirements in the industry such as software engineering, object-oriented approach, networking, and mobile technologies. The students are given continuous professional exposure throughout their academic tenure in the form of module assignments, practical training, and a final year thesis. The students learn how to apply the principles of software engineering concepts to the design, creation, testing, and evaluation of software systems. 

The Degree Programme also aims to develop students with leadership skills, managerial skills,  and communication skills. The students are also put into practice to work under minimum supervision through group and individual projects. 

Beyond the technical competency of students, the Degree Programme also aims to build students with civil responsibility and ethical behavior which should be a compulsory part of the Software Engineering career profession. It also aims to develop social cooperation to promote culture, peace, and equal rights regardless of gender, race, and specific personal circumstances of all members of the university community.