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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee of the Faculty of Computing is set up to keep a close liaison with the IT industry and to improve the academic programmes through industry partnership. The Committee primarily concentrates on improving professional skills of the staff and the students, coordinating industrial placements and visits for undergraduates and promoting intercultural harmony.

The mission of the Committee  is to produce Computing graduates having professional skills, business skills, communication skills, community service skills, innovative capacity and entrepreneurship to pursue successful careers and thereby contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The following are targeted through this Committee:

  1. Industrial placement 
  2. Career fair
  3. Training and workshops
  4. Tech talks
  5. Virtual learning
  6. Software development for identified requirements
  7. Holding events and enabling networking opportunities
  8. Take part in national and international sponsored events in ten field of computing
  9. Support to promote and spread the word about what to be done to enhance the impact of your work.