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The Leo Club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka was established in 2016 but was lethargic until it begins with a remarkable milestone in 2019 jointly with new leadership and an authentic objective of serving the community while grooming the members. The club assimilates the specialized knowledge and skills of university undergraduates to build competent, devoted, versatile, and qualified colleagues who can develop the state of the community. We identify the contemporary issues in society and address them with our optimum effort jointly with peer Leos and experienced Lions grounding three principles, namely; Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. Ever since the reactivation, the club has been acknowledged with District awards for projects “PWITHURU SIRIPA”, “MATHATA THITHA”, “FREE TO LIVE”, and “COLOR MY SIGHT”. The project “SIGITHMA” is a magnificent effort of Sabra Leos that has been recognized with the 306 Multiple District award for the best project in the Infrastructure Development category. The club has been recognized with district & multiple wards not only for its outstanding projects but also for the dedicated and splendid performances of the executive board. Also, the club has been appreciated with Lion Awards for Leos for its quality and innovativeness in projects, flourishing new members, forming relationships, and for being one of the top seven Leo Clubs in existence. Besides addressing the current issues, the club is a favorable occasion for everybody to relish and put behind their full calendar.


As the Leo club of Sabaragamuwa University, in the past few years, we created a firm brand name called Sabra Leos. We created this name by serving the community, creating values for members and making our university name high. On this journey, we had to face many hard times but those became the sweetest memories of our teamwork. The most powerful strength of our club is our membership. We have a different kind of pool of talents. With all that effort we can become the 1st runner-up of the best university base Leo Club in the district. This Leo movement helps most Leos develop their leadership and soft skills. That is something that undergraduates can add value to themselves. I hope this experience will help every Leo to go to the peaks of their career life and to gain a work-life balance. I extend my regards to all the Leos, advisors, District and Multiple Leos, Lions and everyone who is with us on this journey. Long way to go, for that, cheers Sabra Leos.


Leo Ashen Dinujaya Perera President,

Leo Club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka


Leostic Year 2020/2021



The project “ Singithma'' principally focused on reopening a Maternity Clinic located in the area of Pambahinna. Belihuloya which had been closed for more than 10 years. Hence, the reopening of this particular Maternity Clinic opened the door for a greater number of individuals to ensure their necessities being satisfied. We conducted a shramadana campaign and an exclusive repairing process to reconstruct the Clinic and finally we were able to reopen the Clinic with the participation of the Leos of Sabaragamuwa University.



Plantation Campaign

Clean for Blue Skies”

Clean air for blue skies is the first project of Sabra Leos after the re-establishment of the club. Although it was a pandemic period with the collaboration of everyone and covering almost all the provinces in Sri Lanka, the tree plantation campaign was carried forward. Also, an awareness program carried out to aware the importance of Oxygen that we inhale. Not only that but also, we gifted plants to our loved once to make them contribute to mother nature.


My Lockdown Story" an online challenge organized by the Leo Club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. This contest invites all the young individuals to showcase their creative talents by highlighting their lockdown experience through a video/photo collection. We, Sabra Leos was able to complete the project My Lockdown Story with 50+ creative stories shared through FB.

“New Year Gifts”   

New Year Gift Campaign was one of the major projects which Sabra Leos have done on the very first Leostic year 2020/21 after the reinitiating of the club. We visited the doorsteps of over 30+ families who were having economic difficulties during the pandemic and provided them with essential dry packs.


Santa Clause Coming Home”


             Santa Clause Coming Home” is a project which we conducted last Christmas. Under this project we donated the essentials for a children’s home with differently abled children in there.



Season of hopes


            Leo Club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka took a headstart to appreciate a set of people for their unbelievable service towards the community. Under this project, we distributed dry food rations to people who work at Balangoda Municipal Council and also offered souvenirs to appreciate their hard work together with the Lions Club of Balangoda.

Apeksha Snehaye Yathrawa

            Leos from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka had organized a project at Badulla Hospital and donated dry foods and medicines for 120 people who are suffering from cancer. Our main target was to give our maximum support for those people who are in that hospital by fulfilling their needs and wants.




              Hadagesma project, which was successfully organized by Sabra Leos under three phases to make a significant effort to assist the differently-abled people who need our help to empower their future. Under the project categories of Helping Hand to Differently Able and Outstanding Service, we were able to provide our maximum support for those children. Hence, we are proud to say that we were able to complete one of the remarkable projects through the assistance of sponsors and donors by serving the community with great satisfaction.


Hand To Thrive


            “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. We, Sabra Leos, have organized a life changing opportunity for students to develop their career for exceptional growth. Series of interactive sessions were conducted by the professionals for students to shape them up as a professional.



            Diriya project, which was successfully organized by Sabra Leos to make a significant effort to assist the people who are encountering severe financial hardships due to the Covid 19 pandemic by providing a dry food pack. Under the project categories of Hunger, Poverty & Better Life and Responsible Consumption & Waste Management, we were able to provide approximately Rs.3500 valued dry food packs & Rs.4000 valued medicines for 32 beneficiary families across the country.

Sabra Rhythm 2021

            Sabra Rhythm, which was a splendid entertainment session organized by Sabra Leos with the aim of de-stressing & creating a joyful moment for the people who want to add some colours to their lives during the pandemic period. In a real sense, it was a blend of dancing, singing, drama and live sessions. Hence, we are proud to say that we were able to hold a wonderful night by completing the project successfully with more complements.

Memory Clicks


            Life is a collection of memories. Among them beautiful memories spent with friends are like an invaluable gift that lasts forever. Memory Click which was the online competition that was organized by Sabra Leos to coincide with World Friendship Day.


Hall of Fame 2022 - Installation Ceremony of the Leo Club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka for the Leostic Year 2022/2023.

Leo club of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka successfully held its installation program for the Leostic year 2022/2023 on the 18th Sunday 2022 at the Staff Development Centre Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. With the graceful presence of the District chairman for Leos Lion Dr. Lasantha Goonawardana as chief guest, guest of honor District president 306 C2 Leo Lion Indunil Udara Palihawadana and District Vice President 306 C2 Leo Lakeesha Perera as the special guest. Sponsoring Lions Club, Balangoda Lion’s club president Lion Jagath, Leo advisor Lion Sunil Obesekara, Immediate past president Leo Ashen Viraj Jayathunga, Staff advisor Lecturer Ishara Katuwandeniya have also participated as the dignitaries to witness this delightful event.

Leo Ashen Dinujaya Perera was appointed as the club president of the Leo club of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka for the Leostic year 2022/23 with the motto of “Thrive with Excellences”. Also, the newly appointed executive board was installed on that day, completely inclined to assist the new captaincy. It is with utter pleasure to mention that the entire Board of Directors were appointed by the District chairman for Leos Lion Dr. Lasantha Goonawardana with all his good blessings bestowed upon the board members.

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