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Vision and Mission

Vision of the Faculty

To be the most innovative and eco-efficient centre of excellence in higher education and research in management studies in the South Asian region.

Mission of the Faculty

Becoming the leading innovative and sustainable centre of excellence in higher education and research in the region by:

  • Producing competent management graduates possessing knowledge, skills, attitudes and mind-set to contribute to the sustainable development in the national and global level.
  • Taking tangible measures to nurture and preserve nature through life-changing education in management and related disciplines.
  • Generating new knowledge and disseminating with global relevance through high-impact research publications.
  • Providing innovative expert services to the interested parties through the development of human capital.

Motto: Nurturing Paragons of Virtue

Core Values

  1. Integrity: Acting in an ethical, honest, and fair manner by serving all members of the society as a family.
  2. Collaboration and Synergy: Encouraging collaborations, team work, and interaction across the disciplines, industry, academia, and society.
  3. Quality Consciousness:  Affiliation and accreditation of faculty should be acknowledged by all the stakeholders as a sign of end-to-end quality human resource development and knowledge infrastructure.
  4. Respect: Due respect is ensured to all internal and external stakeholders of the faculty
  5. Inclusivity: The faculty adapts inclusive growth approach to serve women, youth and any other vulnerable group to prevent gender or any other discrimination.
  6. Accountability and Sustainability: Ensuring academic excellence through utilization of institutional resources responsibly with consciousness of accountability for the public on environment, socio-culture and economy.
  7. Community: The faculty associates and works together with all stakeholders and the public as one community to build a sustainable nation.
  8. Creativity and Innovation: Forward-thinking, creativity, and continuous innovation in every mean