5th Management Undergraduates' Research Session in Collaboration with Young Scientists Forum
(MURS 2023)

Moving beyond Conventional Wisdom for an Uncontrived Economy"


The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) proudly organizes the 5th Management Undergraduates' Research Session (MURS) in collaboration with the Young Scientists Forum under the theme of "Moving beyond conventional wisdom for an uncontrived economy". The 5th MURS 2023 collaborates with SAGE Publications India to make this conference a great success. Due to the dynamic changes in the existing economy individuals, organizations, and community contend with numerous uncertainties. Hence, to confront the conventional wisdom successfully it is crucial to take measures to move towards the uncontrived economy. Accordingly, FMS dedicates 5th MURS to research and discussions on management approaches associated with moving beyond the existing conventional wisdom towards an uncontrived economy. The MURS is an opportunity for management undergraduates and other young scientists, local and international, to present and share their research experiences with a wider community. Further, the conference will encourage undergraduates to examine global, regional, and local trends in their research fields while identifying links among multiple disciplines in a highly uncertain environment. The conference will also benefit all other undergraduates and conference participants to sharpen their research capacity by interacting and networking with experienced researchers, reviewers, industry experts and young researchers around the globe. The conference is organized annually to stress the importance of research as part of academic education and to involve young scholars in research at their early career stage. The conference includes presentations by students from seven academic disciplines in which the faculty has its expertise. All final year undergraduates in the faculty who are supposed to complete the dissertation during the year are encouraged to submit their extended abstracts as joint research work with their respective academic supervisors. Also, all young scientists, locally and internationally, in the field of management are invited to take part in the 5th MURS.