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Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The study programme provides an in-depth understanding of key operational and management functions of the tourism and hospitality industry, such as hotel management including four departments (food and beverage, housekeeping, front office and kitchen), understanding of tourism & hospitality, product knowledge, management aspects, travel agency management, HRM, marketing, finance and strategy etc.   Students can complete this qualification in one year period of study. Upon completion, students will receive an internationally recognized qualification which can significantly enhance their job prospects.  


The course runs for one year. During the period of the course students should sit for the three written examinations, and at the end, every student must submit a mini project report. Classes are scheduled in weekends only. There will be 6 tuition hours per week.

Medium of Instruction

English and Sinhala 


The lectures will be conducted during the weekends in University 

Course Structure  

Term I

DTHM 111 Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality                               

DTHM 112 Principles of  Management                                     

DTHM 113 Sri Lankan Studies                                                                              

DTHM 114 Front Office Operations                                                  

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

Term II

DTHM 121 Marketing for Tourism                                                            

DTHM 122 Housekeeping                                                                                                               

DTHM 123 Human Resource Management in Tourism                    

DTHM 124 Travel Agency Management                                                

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)

Term III

DTHM 131 Restaurant & Kitchen Operations                                      

DTHM 132 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management      

( 36 Hours)

( 36 Hours)


(360/15 = 24 Credits)

DTHM 133 Mini Project                                                                                 

( 36 Hours)


Evaluation Scheme:

                Continuous Assessments             50 percent

                Final Examination                        50 percent

                Total                                           100 percent

Students should obtain at least 50 percent out of total marks allocated for each component in order to complete overall assessment requirement. 

Dr. Athula Gnanapala Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management
Dr.Iraj Rathnayake Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management
Dr.M.S.M.Aslam Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management
Mr.Namal Wijesundara Lecturer in Tourism Management
Mr.Kanishka Jayathunga Senior Lecturer in SLITHM
Mr.Kanishka Nugawela Senior Lecturer in SLITHM
Ms.Chaamila Rathnayake       Assistant Lecturer in SLITHM