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Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

DTHM 2024 Calling Applications


This SLQF 3 Diploma (NVQL 5) qualification in Tourism & Hospitality Management is exclusively designed to provide the participants with a fast, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to enter the tourism and hospitality industry. The study programme provides an in-depth understanding of key operational and management functions of the tourism and hospitality industry, such as hotel management including four departments (food and beverage, housekeeping, front office and kitchen), understanding of tourism & hospitality, product knowledge, management aspects, travel agency management, human resource management, marketing and entrepreneurship etc. The students can complete this qualification in one-year period of study. Upon completion, students will receive an internationally recognized qualification that can significantly enhance their job prospects.
Intended Course Outcomes

This Diploma will help to shape developments in a sustainable and responsible tourism industry. The course will contribute to this process by combining academic analysis of trends in tourism and practical contact with hospitality aspects of that industry. Students who complete this course should be able to:
1.    Apply the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for successful careers in the field of tourism & hospitality.
2.    Demonstrate a broad understanding of national and international trends in tourism.
3.    Apply both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to specific case studies.
4.    Demonstrate how theoretical concepts can be applied in the workplace by undertaking an appropriate placement in tourism & hospitality.
5.    Act ethically as professionals within the field of the national and international tourism & hospitality industry.
The course runs for one year. During the course period, the students should sit for the three written examinations at the end of each semester. Classes are scheduled on weekends only.
Medium of Instruction
English & Sinhala
The lectures will be conducted during the weekends using the physical and virtual modes of delivery.

Admission Requirements
i.    G.C.E (A/L) pass with all subjects or,
ii.    The employees who passed the G.C.E. (O/L) with minimum 3 years relevant work experience and a pass grade for G.C.E (O/L) English or,
iii.    NVQ Level 4 Qualification holders of reputed government and private higher education and education institutes or
iv.    NVQ Level 2 & 3 Qualification holders minimum 5 years relevant working experience
Note: Applicants are short-listed depending on the number of applications
received and they are called for an interview for the final selection. The decision
taken by the selection committee will be the final decision.

Course Fee
Application Processing Fee         Rs.      1000.00
Course Fee                Rs. 60,000.00
Course fee can be paid in two installments. The first installment, Rs. 35,000.00, of the total course fee should be paid on registration. The second installment, Rs. 25,000.00, should be paid before the first term examination. Once paid, fees are not refundable.

Course Coordinator
Mrs. J.A.R.C. Sandaruwani
Telephone: 071-6785506 | 045-2280296

Semester I

Course Code Course Unit Lecture Hours (Theory 30hrs + Tutorial/Practical 15hrs) Credits
DTHM 113 Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality 45 Hours 03
DTHM 123 Principles of Management 45 Hours 03
DTHM 133 Sri Lankan Studies 45 Hours 03
DTHM 143 Front Office Operations 45 Hours 03

Semester 2

Course Code Course Unit Lecture Hours (Theory 30hrs + Tutorial/Practical 15hrs) Credits
DTHM 213 Marketing for Tourism 45 Hours 03
DTHM 223 Hotel Housekeeping 45 Hours 03
DTHM 233 Human Resource Management in Tourism 45 Hours 03
DTHM 243 Travel Agency Management 45 Hours 03

Semester 3

Course Code Course Unit Lecture Hours (Theory 30hrs + Tutorial/Practical 15hrs) Credits
DTHM 313 Restaurant & Kitchen Operations 45 Hours 03
DTHM 323 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 45 Hours 03
  Total 450 Hours 30

Evaluation Criteria

Continuous Assessments 25%

Final Examination 75%

Total 100%

Marks GPA Grade
85 - 100 4.00 A+
75 - 84 4.00 A
74 - 70 3.70 A-
63 - 69 3.30 B+
55 - 62 3.00 B
50 - 54 2.70 B-
45 - 49 2.30 C+
40 - 44 2.00 C
35 - 39 1.70 C-
30 - 34 1.30 D+
20 - 29 1.00 D
0 - 19 0.00 E

Grading Policy
•    The applicant should take a minimum Grade of C (40% marks) to pass a subject.
•    Repeat students those who are having C-, D+ , D or E can repeat the examination of a course unit twice and apply for the examination at the first available opportunity.
•    Grades "E" must be upgraded to complete the Diploma.
•    Grades C-, D+ , D can be upgraded (will get only two attempts) if the student wishes to improve his/her GPA
•    Those who are sitting for the second or third attempt should be paid Rs. 250.00 per subject as the repeat examination payments.
•    The maximum grade given for the repeat examination shall be "C" (GPA 2.00).

Awarding of Diploma
•    The final overall GPA must be 2.00 or above to complete the Diploma.
•    The student who got C- , D+ , or D grade for any subject(s) will be awarded the Diploma if he/she fulfills overall final GPA 2.00.
•    The respective course program should be completed within four years.
•    The following grades are offered considering the final GPA score.

Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) CLASS/PASS/FAIL
3.75 and above Distinction
3.30 – 3.74 Merit
2.75 – 3.29 Credit
2.00 – 2.74 Pass
Less than 2.00 Fail

Those who passed the Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management successfully will be called for the General Convocation of Center for Open and Distance Learning, Sabaragmuwa University of Sri Lanka to take over the final Diploma certificate. The Transcript of records will be granted only for the students who was able to complete all the subjects, and others who did not pass all the subjects are concerned as the incomplete diploma holders.

Prof. AthulaGnanapala Professor in Tourism Management, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Prof. IrajRathnayake Professor in Tourism Management, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Prof.M.S.M.Aslam Professor in Tourism Management, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Dr. SarathMunasinghe Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Dr. R.S.S.W. Arachchi Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Mr.NamalWijesundara Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Mrs. J.A.R.C. Sandaruwani Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Mr. Hiran Dinusha Lecturer, Department of Tourism Management, SUSL
Mr.KanishkaJayathunga Senior Lecturer in SLITHM
Mr.KanishkaNugawela Senior Lecturer in SLITHM
Ms.ChaamilaRathnayake Assistant Lecturer in SLITHM
Mr. Sheran Pieris Assistant Lecturer in SLITHM