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Master of Business Administration (MBA) | PGD Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the PGD in Business Administration offer the opportunity to obtain theoretical and professional knowledge for practitioners, experts and those who are looking for higher degree qualifications in the field of business. The 60-credit MBA qualification offers specialisation in several areas such as Finance, Marketing and Tourism, that will help them with their career advancement, while the 35-credit PGD provides the opportunity for an early exit as well. Having these qualifications means that graduates will be able to work responsibly, independently and with managerial spirit in general management, finance, tourism and marketing, and this will open up rewarding opportunities in their future careers.

The country is in a rapid development phase after the 30 years turmoil and the business sector is expanding at an exponential rate. This is demanding individuals with the high business calibre and visionary business leadership skills. The FGS-SUSL offers this programme together with the Faculty of Management Studies in order to fill the vacuum for multi-disciplinary MBAs in Sri Lanka.


Specialisation Fields Offered in the MBA Programme:

In addition to the MBA General programme, following specialisations are also offered.

  • MBA (Finance)
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • MBA (Tourism)


Intended Learning Outcomes: MBA

Upon completion of the MBA programme, graduates are expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism, self-awareness, leadership, and effective communication skills in businesses;
  • Assess ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face;
  • Apply knowledge and skills to solve business problems in core functional areas;
  • Relate theories in management with the practice;
  • Demonstrate a global perspective and an awareness of the implications of organisations' cultural differences on business performance;
  • Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies;
  • Possess the skills required to manage resources efficiently in a team-based environment; and
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial initiatives.


Intended Learning Outcomes: PGD

Upon completion of the PGD, graduates are expected to:


  • Possess the skills required to manage resources efficiently in a team-based environment;
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial initiatives. Demonstrate professionalism, self-awareness, leadership, and effective communication skills in businesses; and
  • Assess the ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face.


The candidate should have at least one qualification of the following categories.


Eligibility Requirement for MBA

  • First or Second Class Honours in the First Degree in a related field of the Master's study programme; or
  • A Degree/Postgraduate Diploma in the relevant field in the relevant subject from a recognized University; or
  • Master's Degree in any other related field; or
  • Professional qualification from a recognized body in a related field with two-year experience in a related field acceptable to the Senate of the University; or
  • Bachelor's Degree in any other discipline or any other equivalent qualification with two-year experience at middle managerial or administrative level in the relevant field acceptable to the Senate of the University;


Eligibility Requirement for PGD

  • Bachelor’s degree in the same field or related field of study; or
  • Professional qualification from a recognized body with one-year work experience;
  • Any other diploma from a recognized university/institution with three-year work experience; or
  • Minimum of five-year executive work experience in a related field.


Selection Criteria

Applicants are short-listed depending on the number of applications received and will be called for an interview for the final selection. If the applications are very much in excess an aptitude test may be held.

Year 1 Semester I Credits
MBA | PGD: Core  
MBA 311 Management Process and Practice 03
MBA 312 Managerial Economics 03
MBA 313 Statistical Applications in Business 03
MBA 314 Organisational Behaviour 03
MBA 315 Marketing Management 03
Year I Semester II  
MBA | PGD: Core  
MBA 321 Financial Management 03
MBA 322 Human Resource Management 03
MBA 323 Research Methodology 03
MBA | PGD: General  
MBA 324 Management Information Systems 03
MBA 325 Accounting for Managers 03
MBA 526 Extended Essay (Only for PGD) 05
Total Credits for PGD 35
Specialisation: Tourism  
MBT 324 Intercultural Communication for Tourism 03
MBT 325 Tourism Marketing 03
Specialisation: Finance  
MBF 324 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 03
MBF 325 International Financial Management 03
Specialisation: Marketing  
MBM 324 Supply Chain Management 03
MBM 325 Communication for Strategic Marketing 03
Year II Semester I  
MBA: Core  
MBA 331 Strategic Management 03
MBA 332 Operations Management 03
MBA 333 Entrepreneurship and Model Business Development 03
MBA: General  
MBA 334 International Business Management 03
MBA 335 Corporate Environmental Compliance 03
Specialisation: Tourism  
MBT 334 Responsible Tourism 03
MBT 335 Tourism Destination Management 03
Specialisation: Finance  
MBF 334 Managing Risk in Business 03
MBF 335 Financial Statement Analysis 03
Specialisation: Marketing  
MBM 334 Advanced Brand Management 03
MBM 335 Managing Creativity and Innovation 03
Year II Semester I and II  
MBA General and Specialisation  
MBA 150 Dissertation (One-year) 15
MBA 900 Capstone Project (with the following courses) 09
MBA 236 Current Trends in Labour Relations 02
MBA 237 Organizational Change  Management 02
MBA 238 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics 02
Total Credits for MBA 60

Foreign Study Tour

A foreign study tour will be offered for MBA candidates. Cost of this visit is included in the course fee excluding the airfare and other travel-related expenses.

Category Amount (LKR)
Application Processing Fee 2,500.00
Registration Fee 10,000.00
Tuition Fee (MBA)* 320,000.00
Tuition Fee (PGD) 160,000.00
Library Fee 10,000.00

* Tuition fee of MBA can be paid in two (02) instalments LKR 160,000.00 each. And the balance fee should be settled at the beginning of the second year.

Sponsored students must submit a sponsorship letter upon registration. The letter must clearly state the type of fees covered (such as registration, tuition, library etc.).

Other Fees Applicable

Category Amount (LKR)
Repeat Examination per Course 2,500.00
Dissertation Re-examination Fee 30,000.00
Research Proposal Re-submission Fee 10,000.00
Extension of the Period of Registration per Semester 10,000.00
Deferment Fee 10,000.00

Payment Method

Key Information


Programme Code: 

15102 (MBA) | 15081 (PGD)

SLQF Level:

10 (MBA) | 08 (PGD)


60 (MBA) | 35 (PGD)


02 Years (MBA) | 01 Year (PGD)

Medium of Instruction:


Delivery Mode: Hybrid

50% - Online
50% - Physical


FGS-SUSL Ratnapura

Delivery of Lectures:

During Weekends

Tuition Fee:

LKR 320,000.00 (MBA)

LKR 160,000.00 (PGD)




Prof. DG Dharmaratne (2017 Intake)

Tel: +94-45-2280023; +94-714589055


Dr. Rangana Shalika (2018 Intake)

Tel: +94-45-2280296; +94-719058140


Prof. DG Dharmaratne (2019 Intake)

Tel: +94-45-2280023; +94-714589055


Dr. TUI Peiris (2020 Intake)

Tel: +94-45-2280023; +94-756594747



Prof. Jayantha N. Dewasiri (2021 Intake)

Tel: +94-710333322; +94-773333322



Prof. Jayantha N. Dewasiri (2022 Intake)

Tel: +94-710333322; +94-773333322