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Apply Online

We offer this facility in hopes that it will make our admission process as easy and convenient as possible for you. Please note that if you wish to apply for a taught programme, you should use the specific application available time to time corresponding with the application calling period of the particular programme.


Please carefully read the instructions that appear throughout the application pages. You can only submit your application one time. If you have updates to any information you have submitted, please notify it to the FGS-SUSL through our online inquiry system as soon as possible.


We assure the confidentiality of your information which are stored in our retrieval systems and they are kept private. Only after you submit your application will it be available for review by the members of the Boards of Study and administrative staff involved in admissions.


Once you create your user account in our graduate admission portal you can return to the same for downloading necessary applications and other formats required for correspondence with the FGS-SUSL during your candidature. Thus FGS-SUSL urges all of its candidates to apply online, which is just five steps away:


Step 1: Create your account

Use your current e-mail address. Minimum password length is 6 characters. Be sure to use a strong password. Use a mix of different types of characters to make the password stronger, e.g. letters, numbers and symbols.


Step 2: Verify your account and complete profile

Please make sure not to log out without completing this step, as the status of your account would remain in-active if you do not. As a result, you will not be able to sign in again using your current e-mail address.


Step 3: Download the application and other forms as necessary


Step 4: Complete and upload required documents


Step 5: Verify and submit your application through declaration


If you have any queries concerning the application process, please contact the Coordinator/Chairperson of the respective programme/board of study you are applying to.