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Scholarships & Research Grants


FGS-SUSL offers several scholarships to domestic students. The availability of these scholarships will be announced by the Faculty from time to time. These scholarships waive tuition fees, but do not cover any other cost associated with studies. The award of the scholarship is made after the evaluation of the application or performance of the candidate during the initial stage of his/her studies, and is based on the criteria set by the Faculty. The continuation of the scholarship will be based on the performance of the student and, if withdrawn, will not be re-offered.


Scholarship Programmes Presently Available

MSc Surveying Sciences Scholarship

  1. No. of Scholarships Available: 02 (two) placements in each intake
  2. Grantor: Faculty of Graduate Studies
  3. Type of Award: Full scholarship (tuition fee will be waived)
  4. Eligibility: Temporary staff attached to the Faculty of Geomatics
  5. Selection: Selection of the applicants will be based on the recommendation of the Board of Study of Geomatics


Research Grants

University Research Grants Programme: Research grants available at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka are only obtained through Principal Supervisors who are full-time academic staff of the University. The award and administration of these grants lies with the Research Grants Committee of the University. Prospective students with the assistance of their Supervisor(s) may obtain this facility formally. Decisions regarding such grants are solely at the discretion of the University Research Grants Committee.


Faculty with Research Grants: In addition, our faculty may time to time qualify for research grants and they will be searching for prospective research assistants. The FGS-SUSL will disseminate such information when available. Scholarships