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Core Values

  1. Integrity: Acting in an ethical, honest, and fair manner by serving all members of society as a family.
  2. Collaboration and Synergy: Encouraging collaborations, teamwork, and interaction across the disciplines, industry, academia, and society.
  3. Quality Consciousness:  Affiliation and accreditation of faculty should be acknowledged by all the stakeholders as a sign of end-to-end quality human resource development and knowledge infrastructure.
  4. Respect: Due respect is ensured to all internal and external stakeholders of the faculty
  5. Inclusivity: The faculty adapts an inclusive growth approach to serve women, youth, and any other vulnerable group to prevent gender or any other discrimination.
  6. Accountability and Sustainability: Ensuring academic excellence through the utilization of institutional resources responsibly with the consciousness of accountability for the public on environment, socio-culture, and economy.