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Differently-Abled Resources Cell

Know a person by his/her qualities, not by his disability.


Being disabled is not a curse. Everyone with any disability should have equal opportunities in society. We, as the Differently-Abled Resources Cell (DARC) of the Faculty of Management Studies, thrive to facilitate students with equal learning opportunities in managing different disability conditions within the faculty premises. The measures taken by the DARC could allow each differently-abled student to be treated equally while experiencing an enjoyable environment to live university life happily.

We follow an open-door policy for the target group while inspiring them to disclose their disabilities to the world, proving that disability is not something to hide or to be shy. The continuation of deep relationships with such students by the officials of DARC would take them to a higher state in academia and social life amidst every strain of disability. Thus, last but not least, we encourage any student with such special requirements to come under our shelter, and we promise you to secure a thrilling university life

The Differently-Abled Resources Cell of the Faculty of Management Studies is a venue established aiming to ensure equal opportunities for all students, the protection of their rights, and create a congenial environment for education within the faculty premises who are physically or mentally in deficiencies and unable wholly or partly to contribute to continuing their university education. The target group of the cell is the students with visual, speech, hearing, mobility, intellectual, and psychiatric disabilities or multiple disabilities with a combination of two or more of these disabilities in an individual.

Hence, the Differently-Abled Resources Cell aims to gather information related to disabled students of the faculty and formulate & monitor special policies, guidelines, and schemes to ensure the rights of differently-abled students to experience an enjoyable atmosphere in all walks of university life. Further, the cell owns the faculty sick room, consisting of a few required items for disabled students to use at the faculty premises. Finally, the cell endeavours to sensitize the university community to respect and cooperate with differently able students.

“Preventing and Dealing with Disability as University Students”

Virtual Event

Differently-Abled Resources Cell of the Faculty of Management Studies organized its first webinar for 2022 on “preparing and dealing with disability as university students” for the 2020/21 batch of the Faculty of Management Studies on the 08th of April 2022 from 9.00 am via zoom. The session was enlightened by Dr. Gayani Amarasinghe, Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. The main aim of the session was to educate freshers on knowing and dealing with possible disabilities within the faculty premises and prepare them to eliminate such situations.

YouTube link of the programme:


Ms. W.A.K. Amitha

Lecturer (Probationary)



Dr. Sampath Bandara Wahala

Senior Lecturer


Prof. T.U.I. Peiris

Designation: Senior Lecturer


Committee Members

Ms. P.A.D.D. Randika

Lecturer (Probationary)


Ms. J.A.H.W.N. Hettiarachchi

Lecturer (Probationary)


 Mr. K.C. Ariyaratne

Lecturer (Probationary)

(Mrs.) W.A.K. Amitha


Differently-Abled Resources Cell

Faculty of Management Studies


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