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This mountain remains the essence of Buddhist monuments in Sri Lanka, where the sacred footprint of Buddha is believed to be held. In contrary, Hindus believe that God Shiva left his footprint, while Moors consider this to be the mountain where Adam stood after being dismissed from the Garden of Eden. Moreover, Christians claim this to be the footprint of St. Thomas. These chronicles shift this location into a multicultural headquarters.This highland of over 2200 meters is surrounded by lush hills in Ratnapura and Nuwara Eliya districts. While hosting many species including leopards and many wildlife, it remains a reservoir for waterways. Trails to the pinnacle is yearned not only by the pilgrims of all ethnicities but also by trailblazers across the world. If you are a daredevil to trek this delightful path during the season of pilgrimage, you will witness a heavy mystique traffic of butterflies too!