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Medical Library - Membership

Students who have been registered as the internal students in the SUSL, have the right to obtain membership of the library. Membership will be valid until the cancellation of studentship. Members of the Academic and Non-Academic staff, in accordance with their appointment letters, will be given the membership temporarily. Application for the library membership can be obtained from the useful forms section.


Number of Books Entitle for Each Category


1. For undergraduate students:

Year Lending Books Reference Books
First Year 03 01
Second Year 04 01
Third Year 04 02
Fourth Year 05 02









2. For postgraduate students:

Programme Lending Books Reference Books
Postgraduate Diploma 04 02
MPhil 05 02
PhD 06 02







3. For academic staff members:

Post Lending Books Reference Books
Dean/ Head 10 05
Senior Lecturer 05 05
Probationary/ Temporary Lecturer 04 04
Instructor/ Demonstrator 03 03
Visiting Lecturer 03 03
Executive Staff 04 04











4. For non-academic staff members:

Except texts and subject-oriented books, other books will be issued for the non-academic staff members. Application forms for membership registration will be accepted with the recommendation of the head of the relevant department.


5. For other members:

Library services for researchers and postgraduate candidates from other institutions will be provided with the permission of the librarian.