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Department of Paediatrics - Course Outcomes

At the completion of this course, the students should be able to:

  1. Conduct clinical evaluations, relevant investigations, treatment and provide follow-up required  for common paediatric health problems;
  2. Monitor optimal growth and  development, prevention of relevant infectious diseases through immunisation;
  3. Apply the acquired knowledge and skills to provide patient-centred care for the prevention and management of health problems and  health promotion in children;
  4. Contribute to the prevention of communicable & non-communicable diseases, child maltreatment as well as injuries (accidental and  non-accidental);
  5. Demonstrate the ability to improve patient care in children based on scientific evidence, constant self-evaluation, and reflective life-long learning with updated knowledge;
  6. Recognize beliefs, expectations and queries of the family and respect their physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs in a compassionate manner, displaying empathy always;
  7. Demonstrate interpersonal communication and collaborative skills that result in the effective exchange of information and collaborations with the community, patients, their families, and health professionals;
  8. Demonstrate the ability to carry out responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner in the management of children
  9. Demonstrate  the skills needed to become the first contact doctor in the management of children with  an awareness of and responsiveness to the system of health care, as well as the ability to effectively utilize resources in the system to provide optimal health care for the children;
  10. Provide appropriate medico-legal services pertaining to the paediatric age group where required, eg; child maltreatment;
  11. Counsel regarding diseases and their complications;
  12. Educate the community regarding hazardous environments for children.