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Auditorium, Faculty of Medicine, SUSL.

Inauguration ceremony (Academic Year 2019/2020)

It is a mundane duty of a university to produce wholesome graduates. As one batch of students reaches the competitive society every year, a new set of students amble through the same routes their seniors once stepped on. Marking the formalities of the faculty yet again, an inaugural ceremony to welcome the third batch of students of the Faculty of Medicine was held on 08th of March 2021. The Dean of the faculty, founding professors and the academic staff addressed the students after listening to the inspiring words from the Vice-Chancellor of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The senior batch of students provided a glimpse of the informative life they lead as budding doctors of the new generation to the 110 freshly entered students. Though this was held as a virtual ceremony during the Covid pandemic, the faculty yearns to welcome the students with open arms once the country returns back to normal.