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Investors' day

Investors’ Day 2022



“The Investors’ Day”; a program proposed by the Department of Accountancy & Finance which comprised of series of activities filled with knowledge and entertainment to enrich investment instinct of the community. Investors’ Day 2017, 2019 and 2020 was successfully hosted by the Department of Accountancy and Finance, Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The main objective of the program was to enhance and enrich the investment instinct of the neighboring community of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

This program would target several events focusing on many stakeholders such as academics, undergraduates, school teachers, school children and the general public of the neighboring region. Investors’ Day consist of an Open Essay Competition, Motivational workshop series, Inter-university Business Development Plan, Documentary competition, and an Intellectual Talk with Industry experts.


Program Name – Investors’ Day 2022

Program Theme – Wealth Creation through Informed Investment Decisions

Venue – Hybrid Mode

Tentative Month – December 2022


Program Objectives.


·         To enhance the awareness and knowledge of the university community, school community and neighboring community regarding the investment opportunities available in Sri Lanka.

·         To build mutual relationships among potential investors in Sabaragamuwa province and institutes of financial industry.

·         To provide a platform for the policy makers, practitioners and academics to have a discussion on needfulness of policy coherence in the field of finance

·         To build an interuniversity network among the students through inter-university competitions.

·         To fulfill the social responsibility of the university in the field of finance.


Intellectual Dialogue


The “Intellectual Dialogue” on investors’ day is planned to promote deeper understanding of the investment opportunities and to have a discussion of the current potentiality to overcome todays’ paradigm shift in Sri Lanka. The event is expected to be conducted with two industry experts and an internal academic member in the field.




·         To promote deeper understanding of the future investment opportunities in Sri Lanka

·         To make understand the novel mechanism that requires implementing as a country on industry perspective with logical reasoning

·         To educate participants of the risk mitigation and financial wellbeing as an investor in Sri Lanka


Essay Competition


The essay competition is conceptualized and committed to promoting awareness and the importance of spectrums of investing among high school students, academics, and the public. The Department of Accountancy and Finance of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka provides a platform for ambitious high school students and academics to exercise their writing skills which encourages them to improve their creativity, research, organization skills, and also the competition shed light to explore new knowledge in different aspects of investing Finance. 




·         To foster an appreciation for benefits and issues related to investing and its impact on students, institutions, society, and the economy.

·         To bring out new insights into investment and elicits it to the community’s betterment.


Motivational Workshop Series


The Motivational Workshop Series for A/L Students aims to provide strong motivation to learn persist longer & deeply, produce the higher quality effort, and perform better in the classroom and on standardized tests (A/L Examination) of the Advanced Level (A/L) Students in Sabaragamuwa & Uva Provinces. Similarly, this activity focuses on developing the mindset of A/L Students towards their career path particularly explaining the future job opportunities and job markets along with the required soft skills with the help of academic and industrial expertise.




·         To motivate students to engage in longer and deep learning with higher quality effort.

·         To make students perform better in the classroom and on standardized tests (A/L Examination).

·         To make understanding of the hidden capabilities of each student targeting their future career path.

·         To make aware the students of future job opportunities and job markets.



University Level Business Development Plan


Business development plans will be a key point of success of a business where to take prudent decisions to complement the relevant factors. This event was proposed with the expectation of providing an opportunity for university students to generate their own business ideas. In terms of business ideas, undergraduates could be able to cope with innovations beyond the existing concepts which intense the needs of customers. Further, the undergraduates should be able to expose to financing requirements and project appraisals.




·         To identify business opportunities and generate their own business ideas.

·         To perform feasibility analysis.

·         To practice financial planning.

·         To enhance creativity and teamwork  


Brochure Business Plan Development Competition