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Congratulations to the Newly Appointed Executive Committee of SOCS, SUSL


The Annual General Meeting of the Society of Computer Sciences (SOCS), Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka was held on 16th May 2023 at the University premises in which the Executive Committee for the year 2023/2024 was appointed. We extend our warm wishes to the newly appointed ExCo in order to have an exceptional year ahead packed with success and accomplishments.

The Society of Computer Sciences was formed in 2012, the members being the undergraduates of the Department of Computing and Information Systems, now the Faculty of Computing, and undergraduates of other Faculties who are interested in the field of Computing.

The main objectives of SOCS are to improve the knowledge of undergraduates in Computer Science, contribute to fulfilling the human and technical requirements of Information Technology at the University, and organize Computer Science-related events at the University.

The SOCS anticipates working with the community to host several events this year too, including Virtual Rival, LetMe Hack, Vidunena Educational Programme, CIS Connecting Dots, Info Bash, Fortnight Meetup and many more.