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Graduate Profile

  1. Scholarship & Intellectual Integrity: comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of the marketing discipline; ability to execute and implement scholarly conventions; ability to evaluate and interpret scholar and industry literatures; ability to conceptualize research imagination
  2. Practical & Strategic Sense: ability to recognize and apply marketing theories into diverse circumstances; identifying and understanding of current trends in marketing i.e. local & global; ability to identify & apply marketing strategies; ability to foresee the future marketing scenario
  3. Communication Skills: ability to use the target language (English) competently in the field of marketing; ability to acquire basic reading, writing listening and oral skills along with basic syntax; ability to linguistically interpret marketing data & literature
  4. ICT Literacy: ability to competent with e-resources; software handling (SPSS, Stata, Mini Tab, AMOS etc.); ability to use ICT to network and relationship building
  5. Mental Agility: quick learner; innovative decision maker
  6. Healthy Personality with Leadership & Interpersonal Skills: strong personality; self-motivated and a role model; empathy; team player (group cohesiveness)
  7. Numerical Skills: fundamental knowledge of basic mathematical operations; ability to analyse marketing data; ability to interpret marketing data; convincing ability
  8. Creativity & Innovativeness: entrepreneurial skills; ability to identify emerging marketing opportunities; ability to imagine innovative concepts for marketing solutions