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Field Visits

Fine Arts for Marketing Profession


The field visit of the Year II Semester II students of the Department of Marketing Management was held from 27th to 29th March 2019. The field visit has arranged to give that practical experience relating to the Fine Arts and its practical implication for marketing profession. Thus, the field visit covered the practical aspects of the MM 2222 – Fine Arts for Marketing Profession subject. Students have visited to the Lotus pond, National art gallery, National Film Cooperation (Sarasavi Film Studio Kelaniya), Neo-Ogilvy Advertising Agency, Derana Media and Unilever Factory. This three-day program was successful as per the objectives and it helped students to enhance and empower their skills and practical knowledge. This was organized by the subject lecturer of Ms. P.L.G.S.D. Piumali together with the second-year students