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Message from the HOD

SUSL Staff Directory


The Department of Tourism Management (DTM) is a pioneer institute in tourism education in the higher education landscape of Sri Lanka. The DTM offers three distinctive degree programmes i. e. B.Sc. Honours in Tourism Management, B.Sc. Honours in Hospitality Management and B.Sc. Honours in EcoBusiness Management. These qualifications primarily focus on the tourism industry in general, the hospitality industry in particular and environmental management for organisations, respectively. The academic staff of DTM are keen on regularly updating and upgrading the curriculum in line with the regular curriculum revisions of the faculty of management studies in order for making sure that the students incorporate the latest developments in the industry into their learning process. Currently, the department has just over 600 students each year, of which around 120 are graduated annually. In this mission, DTM employs well-qualified and highly trained academic staff who are actively involved in national development by offering their services to national and private sector organisations in addition to routine teaching and researching. These services include some voluntary responsibilities taken as corporate social responsibilities of the departmental and individual levels. We, at the department of tourism management, are happy and proud of our service to the nation. I take this opportunity to wish DTM to continue this task of nation-building as a pioneering and responsible academic department