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About us


TiP, presented by the Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, is an exclusive combination of thoughts manifested by scholars, statutory bodies, industry professionals & undergraduates. The magazine itself carries the title to be the first tourism and hospitality-based publication of a state university in Sri Lanka to explore the curiosity of Tourism in this Paradise. Since 2018, it marks a remarkable journey creating a platform to illustrate the skills and competencies of Sabra Tourism beyond the paradise.

TiP Volume 01


The first milestone of the journey of TiP was launched in September 2018 in parallel with the theme of World Tourism Day 2018; Tourism & Digital Transformation. With the numerous efforts of industry experts, university lecturers, and undergraduates the, magazine widened its rims among the industry.


TiP Volume 02


The Second volume of TiP was published in parallel with the theme of World Tourism Day 2019; Tourism & Jobs: A better Future for All, marked its sign in September 2019 as the second milestone of the TiP journey. The magazine successfully held an inter-university article competition and an inter-university photography contest to articulate colors to the magazine's vibrant delivery.


TiP Volume 03


Despite COVID–19 pandemics, the third volume of TiP proved its mastery with the theme of World Tourism Day 2020; Tourism and Rural Development. The entire process of the third volume went on during COVID -19 pandemic in a digital mode, its journey from the beginning to the end. The magazine team gathered a remarkable international representation on its pages while supplementing extra features to its portrayal.


TiP Volume 04

Volume 4 - January 2021 View

Marking an another climax of TiP journey, the fourth volume of TiP was launched in 2021 while distinguishing the world tourism day theme; Tourism for Inclusive Growth, in a different angel. Amidst of Christmas bliss and traveling chill the fourth volume of TiP, welcomed its TiP lovers with the enormous support and dedication of both local and international industry experts, university lecturers and the undergraduates


TiP Volume 05