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Orientation program & Ongoing Examinations Temporary Suspended


YMBA Scholarship for students


Year III Semester I Examination 


Notice for Ongoing Lectures


Year III Semester II Examination Amendment


Academic program commencement

Year I Semester II and Year II Semester II academic program commencement;     Download

Examination Schedule-Y3S2

June/July - 2021 (Academic Year - 2017/2018 - Year III Semester II)                      Download

Examination Schedule

June/July - 2021 (Academic Year - 2017/2018 - Year II Semester I)


Special Notice

LP 21012 Examination Postponed - More

Students' Data Collection Survey

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The Vice-Chancellor informed us that the COVID 19 vaccine will be given to SUSL staff on 12th July 2021. For the staff members, those who registered to have it from SUSL are requested to be in the university from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. You will only need the identity card and a pen.

Prof Magamage - Dean/Agri

Examination Schedule

June/July - 2021 (Academic Year - 2018/2019 - Year I Semester I)

Version 2 Changed on 6/21 - Download

Amendment Downoad

Mock Examination

June/July - 2021 (Academic Year - 2017/2018 - Year II Semester I)  Download

AHEAD, Results Area 2: Stakeholder Feedback Survey 2021

For all Academic Staff -Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Click Here

Research Funding Opportunities


Examination Notice

This is to inform that academic activities of the ongoing semester will be temporary suspended with effect from 11th June 2021 to enable for previous semester examinations. Year I/I, Year II/II, Year III/II and Year IV/I (Agriculture) batches will be offered two weeks study leave period from 14th June 2021 to 25th June 2021. The examinations for following batches will be commenced from 28th June 2021 to 16th July 2021.

  • Year I Semester I (2018/2019 Batch)
  • Year II Semester I (2017/2018 Batch)
  • Year III Semester I (2016/2017 Batch)
  • Year III Semester II (2015/2016 Batch-Agricultural Sciences & Management Students)

Please note that all the examinations will be conducted online mode and the time table and examination procedures and structure will inform you in due course. Examinations for repeat students will be conducted separately commencing from 12th July 2021 to 16th July 2021. This is a primary notification; Final notification with Time tables will be reached you after next Faculty Board meeting which is scheduled on 15/6/2021.

Assistant Registrar

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

01st June 2021

Special Notice for  2018/2019 batch due to prevailing Covid  Condition

Students who have left the University premises on 3rd May 2021 required to quarantine another 14 days period at their home. 

_University Medical officer _

Year I Semester I students

The amended practical time table attached herewith due to extension of quarantine period to 14 days.


published on 31/04/2021


Demise of Professor Upali Jayasekara

It is shocking and saddening to know that death has taken away our Dearest Professor, Teacher, Friend and Colleague Professor Upali Jayasekera from our midst. He lived amidst us for eight decades and was called to Eternal rest. We are certain he will be safe in his next life. Faculty of Agriculture Sciences Family share with his Son and Daughter and their loved ones, the pain and grief of their personal bereavement and the poignancy of the void left in their lives. He served as the first Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Sabaragamuwa University and also longest served Dean of the faculty from 1996-2004 till his retirement. May he attain supreme bliss of nibbana.

Remains lay at Jayaratne Funeral - Borella (New Parlour B) from Tuesday 27th April 7.30 pm. to 10.00 p.m. 28th April viewing from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Final rites and cremation on Thursday 29th April at 11.30 am at Borella Cemetery . 

Prof. Manjula Sumith Magamage

Dean- Faculty of Agricultural Sciences


published on 27/04/2021


Semester Time Table  Year IV Semester I’



published on 19/04/2021


It is compulsory to report Year I Semester I (Academic Year 2018/2019) Students’ to the University premises for the quarantine purposes on 19th April 2021 before 4 PM.

Assistant Registrar

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Published on 17/04/2021

Notice for Repeat and Students



published on 09/04/2021


Due to the prevailing COVID -19 situation of the country, students of Year I Semester I are informed to download their exam application form from the faculty web page in the University website and duly filled application form should be emailed to the following email address on or before 08th April 2021.


Exam Application


Notice for Year I Semester I Students (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Refer the attachement


published on 28/03/2021

Academic Calendar

Dear Students,

The academic Calendar of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences published for your reference


published on  26/03/2021

Practical Time Table for Year III Semester II -Agricultural Sciences and Management Students

Dear Students,

Please find the attached Practical Time schedule for Year III Semester II - Agricultural Sciences and Management Students from 25.03.2021 to 09.04.2021..


published on  21/03/2021

Amended Time Table

Please download the amended Semester Time Table with small amendments done for Year II Computer Science Subject.


Elective Subjects for Year IV Semester I (2015/2016)

Refer the following document


published on 19/03/2021


Exam Time table

Please note that following amendments done for the examination time table of third year semester II Food Business Management.

• Subject Code of FBM 32063- Current Issues of Food Industry changed as FBM 32062.

• Examination date of FBM 32043- International Food Business and Trade Operations subject rescheduled to 08.04.2021 since 02.04.2021 is a Public & Bank holiday.


published on 16/03/2021



To:All YEAR III Semester II Students BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Sciences and Management

Please re-submit the applications for elective subjects on or before 12.00 noon on 15th March 2021 using the attached application form.


published on  11/03/2021


Examination time tables March/April 2021

Year III Semester II - BSc (Hons) Food Business Management

Year II Semester I (EA 21024)

published on 10/03/2021


Notice for All Year III Semester II Students

It has been planned to call students of year III Semester II for practical and examinations as mentioned in the attached document.


Notice for Exam

Exam Application 

published on 27/02/2021        


Information for Convocation

All the graduates should fill the below application form and submit it.

Application Download   

published on   26/02/2021

Notice for Year III Semester II students

At the 185th Faculty Board Meeting held on 16h February 2021, it was decided to offer attached subjects only as elective subjects in year IV Semester 1 and students are requested to select elective subjects from the attached list and submit applications.

Download   Application  

published on 17/022021 



Applications are invited from the students those who wish to make requests to re-scrutinize of marks and grades of the semester examinations held during August-October 2020. Duly filled applications, with a receipt of the payment of Rs. 500.00 per subject (Please Credit Bank of Ceylon Balangoda A/C No. 0002246976 Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka), should be sent to the Deans office, by Registered Post, on or before 5th March 2021.


published on 17/02/2021     


Release of Examination Results of the semester examinations held from August-October 2020

Please refer the attachment to see the results of the semester examinations held from August-October 2020.

Year I Semester II(Agri)              Year I Semester  II(Food)

Year II Semester II(Agri)             Year II Semester II(Food)

Year III Semester I(Agri En.)       Year III Semester I (Food)   

Year III Semester I(Crop)            Year III Semester I (Crop P.)   

Year III Semester I (Animal Bio)  Year III Semester I (Aquatic)   

Year III Semester I (AB)

published on 10/02/2021


For all year III Semester II Students Elective Courses


Applications are called to select elective courses in the year IV Semester I and the relevant application form is attached herewith. Duly completed forms should be emailed to on or before 2.00 p.m. on 11th February 2021. In the year IV Semester I, you have to follow compulsory courses offer by your department and elective subjects can be selected from the given list .


published on 06/02/2021



Examination Results - Repeat Examinations (Old Curriculum).


Please find the results of repeat examinations (old curriculum) held from 21.09.2020 to 15.10.2020 (14 AG batch).


published on 05/20/2021


Time Table Scheduled from 1st February 2021 - for Year II Semester I Students.


All the year II Semester I Students are requested to follow the attached timetables scheduled from 1st February 2021.


Download (Food)

Download(Food Practical)

published on  31/01/2021


Special instructions for students.

Dear Students,

Please find the special instructions for students recently issued by the University. Students are strictly required to adhere to the given guidelines.


published on 28/01/2021


Release of examination results.

Please refer to the attachment for results of the 14 AG batch.


published on 25/01/2021



Hostel allocation for year II semester I students

All year II Semester I students are requested to refer the attached letter sent by the SAR/Students Affairs regarding providing of hostel facilities from 20th January 2021.

Download Notice

Download List

published on  18/01/2021


Hostel facilities for year II semester I students

All year II Semester I students are requested to refer the attached letter sent by the SAR/Students Affairs regarding providing of hostel facilities from 20th January 2021.

Download Notice

published on  15/01/2021


Survey on the Effectiveness of Online Teaching & Assessment

Dear Students,

Please fill the below online Survey on the Effectiveness of Online Teaching & Assessment - Students’ Perspective before 20th January 2021. Kindly Consider that completion of the Survey is compulsory.

Online Survey

published on  11/01/2021


Release of examination results

Please note that examination results of Year IV semester 1, semester 2, and final results were released

Download Results

published on 16/11/2020


Student confirmation letters

Please note that all students needs to send their requests on student confirmation letters, confirming the receiving of Mahapola/bursary letters to following email address 

Published on 10/12/2020


Poor Attendance

Applications are called from the students who did not qualify for the previous examinations, due to poor attendance. Please refer the attached notice for further details


Published on 26/11/2020    


Semester Time Table

Academic Year 2018/2019 Year I Semester I, Year II Semester I, Year III Semester I and Year III Semester II


Published on 05/11/2020  


Obtaining university students assistance to prepare audio visual and electronic programmes for school students

Please refer the attached letter sent by the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Department of Education for obtaining more details.


Published on 02/11/2020  


Calling nominations for Chinese Ambassador Scholarships - 2020

Please refer the attachments and apply before 2.00 p.m. on 26th October 2020, if you fullil the requested requirements.

Download    Annex I  Annex II

Published on 26/10/2020


Maharaja Scholarships scheme for university entrants for the academic year 2018/2019.

Please refer the attached document to get information on Maharaja Scholarship Scheme for University Entrants of Academic Year 2018/2019.


Published on 21/10/2020