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Research groups

Resource Reuse and recycle

PI/Co-PI : PI: Prof. M.G. Kularathne

                     Co-PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

Agency: International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Duration :2013 - 2014

Objectives: Resource reuse and recycle aspects of municipal solid waste management in Sri Lanka, Market chain analysis of compost

Value Chain Analysis of the Underutilised Crops of Different Farming Systems in Sri Lanka

PI/Co-PI : PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

                     Co-PIs: Prof. A.S. Karunarathne, Dr. Patric O’ Reilly

Agency: University Grants Commission


Duration: 2014-2017

Objectives: Value chain analysis of underutilized crops in different farming systems in Uva and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka and the role of underutilized crops in food and nutritional wellbeing of farming communities

Making Global Market Space for Value Chain Actors

PI/Co-PI       : PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

                     Co-PIs: Prof. M. Esham

                     Prof. A.S. Karunarathne

Agency: Ministry of Social Welfare and Primary Industries and National Science Foundation


Duration :2016 - 2020

Objectives: Value chain analysis of Ceylon cinnamon

The gender question in improving small-scale agricultural value chains and the premium women-empowering products could command

PI/Co-PI :PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

                    Co-PIs: I.C. Hettiarachchi

Agency: Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Duration:  2018

Objectives: Gender analysis of banana, cinnamon and fishery value chains

Pepper and processed food value chains of Sri Lanka

PI/Co-PI : PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

                    Co-PIs: Prof. M. Esham

                    Prof. A.S. Karunarathne

Agency: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Duration: 2017-2018

Objectives: Value chain analysis of safety and quality compliance of pepper and processed food value chains of Sri  Lanka

Illuminating Hidden Harvests; case studies of small scale fisheries

PI/Co-PI      :PI: Prof. D.A.M. De Silva, Prof. Oscar Amarasinghe

                    Co-PIs: Prof. M.G. Kularathne

                              Suraj Kuruppuarachchi

                              Upul Liyanage

                              Methsiri Jayantha

                             Shanika Weralugolla

                             Shiwanthika Dharmasiri

Agency: Food and Agriculture Organization

Duration: 2019

Objectives: Investigate the status of the small scale fisheries sector of Sri Lanka

Building Resilience in Tropical Agro-Ecosystem (BRITAE)

PI/Co-PI      : PI: Prof. Champa Navarathe

                    Co-PIs (Sabaragamuwa Univerity): Prof. D.A.M. De Silva

Agency: European Commission


Objectives: Development of postgraduate degree programs on building resilience in a tropical agroecosystem

From urban waste to sustainable value chains: Linking sanitation and agriculture through innovative partnerships

PI/Co-PI: Keren.Winterford,

                     Dana Cordell,

                    Brent Jacobs, Elsa Dominis (UTS), M. Esham (SUSL)

                    Pay. Drechsel, N. Jayathilake (IWMI)

Agency: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Objectives: This project seeks to answer the question: What are the enablers and barriers for public and private institutions in Sri Lanka to advance the implementation of sustainable and innovative value chains to improve sanitation, health, and food security?

Towards Phosphorus and Climate Smart Agriculture (PACSA) in Sri Lanka

PI/Co-PI: Dana Cordell,

                    Brent Jacobs, Elsa Dominis (UTS), M. Esham (SUSL)

Agency: University of Technology Sydney

Objectives:  The goal of this collaborative research project is to contribute to building food system resilience to climate change and phosphorus scarcity in Sri Lanka, through adaptations from farm-scale through to policy-making.

Development of novel beverage types with Sri Lankan native Cinnamon

PI/Co-PI: Prof. DAM De Silva(PI) Dr. R.K.C.Jeewanthi, Tharaka Weddagala

Agency: AHEAD

Duration: 2019

Improved productivity and efficiency of the culture-based fishery for giant freshwater prawn in Sri Lankan reservoirs

PI/Co-PI: Prof. Dr Clive Jones

                   Co PIs: Prof Upali S. Amarasinghe

                    Prof. Sena S. De Silva

                    Dr Amy Diedrich

                    Dr Liz Petersen

                    Dr. Liz Petersen

                    Dr J.M. Asoka

                    Dr Asanka D. Jayasinghe

                    Dr K.H.M. Ashoka Deepananda

                    Dr Dileepa de Croos

                    Dr W.M.H. Kelum Wijenayake

                    Prof. M.G. Kularatne

                    Prof. Achini de Silva


Duration: 2020-2022

Objectives: Investigate stocking, monitoring and harvesting practices that maximise fish and GFP production and product quality.

Analyze the market chain to determine supply and post-harvest practices that meet market requirements and deliver maximum benefit for male and female fishers.

Generate bio-economic models as inputs to effective fisheries management.

Determine opportunities and constraints to achieving gender-equitable livelihood benefits from culture-based fisheries.