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Ethics Review Committee

Ethics Review Policy of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

The ERC SUSL was established to ensure the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research by staff and students of the University. The purpose, objectives, scope, composition and Terms of Reference of the ERC are outlined below.

The primary objective of the ERC- SUSL is to protect the welfare, rights, dignity and safety of human and non-human participants used in research. The Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka firmly believes research that overrides the health, well-being, and care of research participants should never be permitted. This also takes into consideration the principle of justice. Justice which requires that the benefits of research be distributed fairly among all groups in society, taking into account age, gender, economic status, culture and ethnic considerations. ERC- SUSL shall provide independent, competent and timely review of the ethics of proposed studies.

In their composition, procedures, and decision-making, ERC- SUSL needs to ensure independence from externally imposed conditions to the best of its ability. We very strongly support the 3R concept in animal experiments, we encourage all the researchers to adhere to maximum flexibility for implementing  3R- Replace, Reduce, and Refine in which is always possible.

Professor MMP Sumith



Please read above guidelines carefully prior to submitting your application. Before submitting your application for ethics clearance,  please obtain clearance form the committee by submitting your research proposal to following address After the clearance you may follow the rest of guidelines including  submitting and paying relevant chargers to the Bank etc. If your proposal is within our scope and mandate you will be receiving an application package with relevant details. Application package is comprised with either  Ethics clearance for Research Involved in Human Subjects- Human Research (Non Invasive)  


Ethics clearance for Research Involved in Animal Subjects and 
Payment Voucher.

Committee Members

Prof. MMP Sumith- Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Prof. Sarath Ananda- Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages
Dr. Enoka Kudavidanage- Faculty of Applied Sciences