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Quality Assurance

About the Quality Assurance

The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences was first established on 25th March 2014 with the view of assisting in the quality assurance of teaching, learning, assessment andadministrative related tasks/activities at the Faculty.

The major responsibilities of the FQAC are:

  • Liaise with the Faculty Board of Agricultural Sciences appointed Sub-Committees and coordinate all Quality Assurance (QA) related activities within the Faculty.
  • Implementation of routine evaluations (Teacher, Peer, Field visits, Field Practices etc.) and analyze the data and provide recommendations.
  • Assessment and development of teaching and learning resources.
  • Identification of existing gaps and implement guidelines and policies in the Teaching, Learning and Assessment process.
  • Planning and implementation of QA related training/capacity development workshops for the Faculty staff and students.
  • Plan and organize activities related to Programme Review and Institutional Review.
  • Liaising with the Internal Quality Assurance Centre (IQAC) of the University and Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of Sri Lanka on the implementation of the QA Framework on the implementation of the QA Framework.
  • One-day Workshop on Examination Procedures, Rules and Regulations.
  • A Workshop on Continuous Assessments, Paper Setting, Moderation and Paper Marking.
  • A workshop on ‘Scope of Work’ for the non-academic staff.
  • Residential Workshop to revise/develop the Faculty By-Laws.
  • One-day workshop on Development of Students’ Soft Skills and Personality.
  • Post-SER Activities: Implementation of the Action Plan of the Programme Review.



  • Good Laboratory Practices (follow-up program) (A workshop conducted by Prof. DMA Gunarathna, Dr. HAD Ruwandeepika, Dr. RMAS Bandara, of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, SUSL on 25th November 2019, at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).
  •  New Trends in Library Automation Based on “Koha” System: (A workshop conducted by Dr. P. K. C. M. Wijewickrema, Senior Assistant Librarian, Main library, SUSL 04th December 2019 at the Computer Unit-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).
  • LMS: An updating in to 2019 (A workshop conducted by Dr. Salinda Premadasa, Senior Lecturer, SUSL on 17th July 2019 at the Computer Unit, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).
  • A workshop on Mental Health and Reproductive Health for Undergraduate Students of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (1-day workshop conducted by Dr. Indumini Waththegama and Dr. Chandrika Piyathilaka, on 9th April 2019 at Prof. Dayananda Somasundara Auditorium- Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages).
  • A series of meetings were conducted from January 2019 to July 2019 on Programme Review and Self Evaluation Report writing at the Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
  • INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) 15th Biennial Conference 2019 was held at BMICH-Colombo, Sri Lanka from 25th -27th March 2019. Dr. Sumith Magamage, Dean-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. RK Mutucumarana, Coordinator-FQAC participated to the conference representing the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.


  • An ‘SER Writing Workshop’ (2-day workshop conducted by Prof. H. Abeygunawardana, and Prof.Kalyani Perera, University of Peradeniya on 20th-21st December 2018).
  • Workshop on ‘Academic writing’ (2-day workshop conducted by Ms. Joanna Arpie, English language fellow, Fulbright commission, USA on 13-14th December 2018 at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).
  • Workshop on ‘Development of Students’ Soft Skills and Personality’ (1-day workshop conducted by Prof. C. Beneragama, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya on 12th December 2018, at SDC)
  • Follow-up program for ‘SER writing and getting ready for PR’. (1-day workshop conducted by Prof. A. Gnanapala, Dr. S. Wahala, Mr. A. Ekanayaka and Ms. W. Thiranagama, Faculty of Management Studies, SUSL, on 26th November 2018 at SDC)
  • A workshop on ‘Social Responsibility and Ethical Behaviour’ (1-day workshop conducted by Dr. Wijaya Jayathilake. University of Peradeniya on 13th November 2018 at the Auditorium of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).
  • Program on planning of Self Evaluation Report (SER) Writing and Getting Ready for Program Review (PR). (1-day workshop conducted by Dr. S. Wahala, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Management Studies, SUSL, at SDC, on 22nd May 2018, at SDC).
  • A workshop on “Skills Development of Faculty Farm Staff” (Conducted by Mr. Saman Dewage, Bio-food Pvt Ltd. Wathuragama.on 30th October 2018, at the Faculty Farm)
  • A workshop on ‘Roles and Responsibilities of Modern Academic and Research Libraries’ (1-day workshop forlibrary staffconducted by Mr. H M Gunaratna Banda, Former Assistant Director General, NIE, Maharagama on 17th August 2018 at SDC).


  • A workshop on ‘Program Review and SER report Writing’ (1-day workshop conducted by Prof. Deepthi C. Bandara on 20th December 2017, at SDC).
  • A workshop on ‘Program Review and SER Report Writing’ (1-day workshop conducted by Senior Prof. R.P. Mahaliyanaarachchi on 26th October 2017, at SDC).
  • A workshop on ‘Curriculum Design & Revision’ (1-day workshop conducted by Prof. Deepthi C. Bandara on 24th October 2017, at SDC).
  • A workshop on ‘Workshop on Quality Assurance & Qualifications Framework’ (1-day workshop conducted by Prof. Deepthi C. Bandara on 23rd October 2017, at SDC).
  • A workshop on ‘Software for Finalization of Marks’ (1-day workshop conducted by Mr. R.M.N.B.Rathnayake on 21st February 2017 at Computer laboratory, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences).


  • A workshop on "Development of the Curriculum for Certificate Courses and Diploma in Ecological Agriculture"(1-day workshop conducted by: Prof. PI Yapa, Department of Export Agriculture, and Mr. JBDAP Kumara on 23rd November 2016, at SDC).
  • A workshop on "Program Review and Self Evaluation Report (SER) Writing" (1-day workshop conducted by: Prof. Kalyani Perera, Professor, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya on 26th October 2016 at SDC).
  • ‘Industry Stakeholder Workshop on "B.Sc. (Food Business Management) Degree Program’ (1-day workshop conducted on 13th October 2016, at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute-Colombo).
  • A workshop on "Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)" (1-day workshop conducted by Dr. MMP Sumith, Dr. HAD Ruwandeepika Dr. Scott Gene Cruz, and Dr. Haritha Baduraliya,on 21st September 201 at SDC.
  • A workshop on "B.Sc. (Food Business Management) Degree Program" (1-day workshop conducted on 31st August 2016, at the Auditorium of SDC).




Professor Manjula PS Magamage


Phone: (+94) 0452280041

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Professor DAM De Silva


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Dr. PK Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer

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Dr. T. Sanjeewa Prasad Jayaweera

Senior Lecturer

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Dr. Ruvini K. Mutucumarana

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (+94) 0452280074

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Dr. AW Wijeratne

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (+94) 0452280073

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Mrs. MDNK Meddage

Assistant Registrar

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