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Department of Livestock Production - Home

Established as one of the three pioneering departments in the faculty, the department of livestock production has been the focal point of producing graduates with profound knowledge, skills and experiences in the field of livestock production, catering the demands at local and international level. Covering a variety of subject areas within the discipline, the department is responsible for teaching all aspects of livestock production including production technology, post-harvest processing, quality assurance and management, waste handling and ecologically sound livestock production in both terrestrial and aquatic production systems.

Aided by a blend of both experienced and novel teachers expertized in all relevant fields, the department is geared to disseminate modern and traditional knowledge in the arena of livestock production to the undergraduates, graduates, industry and to the public, serving the needs of industry’s sustainability. Well-equipped laboratories in dairy science, meat science, food microbiology, food science and technology, animal reproduction technology, and molecular biology help undergraduates and graduates to pursue their thrust for research in relevant disciplines under the watchful eyes of eminent researchers in the department.

On-field exposure of undergraduates are enriched by animal rearing units in the faculty farm, including poultry, cattle, swine, goat, micro livestock and aquaria, wherein students are entrusted with the production of many livestock species. Pasture and fodder units in the faculty farm further extend achieving the said objective.  Via Livestock Extension and Research Centre, resources of the department are effectively shared with school teachers, students and farmers to educate and train them in various disciplines in livestock production, hence, contributing to national development of the sector.   

Staff members and ALUMNUS of the department are actively engaged in research, development, policy making and implementation of numerous livestock related development activities both national and international arena, enabling to keep a strong footprint of the department in the sector.

Our Mission

We strive to produce future leaders and innovators who can bear major responsibilities and perform roles for the enhancement of the livestock sector.We are also conducting workshops, seminars and on-farm consultation services to benefit the society. These events are conducted in collaboration with eminent scientists of international calibre.