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Department of Agribusiness Management - Home

Our Mission

We are geared to develop students' analytical, business and entrepreneurial skills to produce agro-entrepreneurs and agribusiness managers for the present and future. Our department and subjects are ranked excellent by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. We also conduct an External Degree and Diploma Programme in Agribusiness Management.


The Department of Agribusiness Management was established in 1996 to encourage and provide facilities for undergraduate study and research in keeping with the needs of the agribusiness sector. The undergraduate program in Agribusiness Management is the first of its kind in a Sri Lankan university system. The program aims to equip students with the intellectual capacity enabling them to undertake research in all major branches of Agribusiness Management. Undergraduate studies of the Department comprise of areas such as Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Economics, Marketing, Business Management, Statistics, Agricultural Extension and Information Technology. The eightsemester undergraduate course designed for undergraduates who wish to train in agribusiness related disciplines at undergraduate level are conducted with an innovative approach by giving much emphasis on practical aspects relevant to the agribusiness sector.

The Department has newly introduced B.Sc. Food Business Management Degree Program in 2017. This degree programme offers a unique opportunity to acquire a comprehensive training in food business management and marketing.

The Department of Agribusiness Management is the pioneer in introducing the concept of Agri Tourism into the Sri Lanka. The Agric-farm Stay situated in the faculty farm is managed by the department.