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Department of Export Agriculture- Home

The Department of Export Agriculture is one of the first departments established at the inception of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Courses offered by the Department of Export Agriculture are mainly focused to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills on the field of agriculture to support the national productivity in agricultural sector and related sectors. During the first and the second years, 13 subjects are offered by the department and from the third year to fourth year, at present, subjects are offered from two specialization modules named as Commercial Horticulture and Plantation Management. Subjects in these two modules are highly specialized to enhance students’ knowledge and skills to cater the national needs in those specialization areas in specific and all agriculture sector in general.

Inclusion of an intensive Farm Practice Course and an Industrial Training Program at reputed agro-industries to the curriculum strengthens our graduates to play a pivotal role in the commercialization process of agriculture.

With concern of future demands in the Agriculture and related sectors, with parallel to curriculum revision, the Department of Export Agriculture introduces new subjects to the undergraduates who are entering the university in year 2017. With this curriculum revision, the department offers three specialization areas namely; Agri-Environmental Resource Management, Crop Improvement and Plant Protection, and Crop Production Technology, from year three of undergraduate studies. This new revision is intended to widen the subject specialization spectrum in the department to cater to the broader areas of national demand in academic and agriculture production sectors in the country. Further, foreign collaborations and links established by the Department of Export Agriculture pave the path for international exposure and potential job opportunities at various scales for our students

Our Mission

The mission of the Department is to produce Graduates who possess knowledge and skills in advance agricultural technologies and agricultural research as well as are capable of managing horticultural and plantation operations of any scale