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List of Centres and Units

The SUSL has the following list of Centres and Units currently in operation.

Centre for Computer Studies

The Centre for Computer Studies provides the IT related academic and technical services in the university. It conducts and supervises academic programmes of different faculties, preparing IT curricula and provides training for the academic, non-academic and academic support staff while hosting the university web service and email facility. Campus-wide internet and networking facility, virtual learning environment with other network services, e-learning facility and hardware software maintenance services are the technical services provided by the centre.

Staff Development Centre

The Staff Development Center (SDC) organizes activities and programs (formal or informal and on or off campus) to help staff members to learn about responsibilities, develop skills and competencies necessary to accomplish institutional and divisional goals. The Induction program for academic staff, which is mandatory for the confirmation of the post as an academic staff member, is conducted each year through this centre. It also conducts programs for personality and professional development for the members of the staff to prepare them for advancement within the SUSL or beyond.

Centre for Research and Knowledge Dissemination

The Centre for Research and Knowledge Dissemination promotes research among the academics within the university and creates opportunities for presenting and publishing research findings for local and international researchers and to disseminate knowledge to the community. It is responsible for coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the research projects conducted by the university, production of university publications, organizing national / international symposiums and conferences and promoting SUSL academic programs at the international level.

Centre for Open and Distance Learning

The main objective of the Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) is to ensure proper functioning of all external degree programmes, diplomas, certificate courses and extension programmes conducted by the university. Initially, the unit was a community Development Centre with the aim of providing job oriented certificate programmes on selected fields to the youth in the area. After establishing the SUSL in 1996, the centre was renamed as the EDPESU in 2000 with the expectation of helping and guiding the needy population in the area with a wider outreach.

Centre for Gender Equity and Equality

The Centre for Gender Equity and Equality is in place to promote gender equity and equality (GEE) in the SUSL where all students, academic, administrative and support staff, female and male, enjoy equal opportunities, human rights, and are free from all forms of dis crimination and harassment. It is responsible for preparing the Policy Framework for Gender Equity and Equality of SUSL and providing training on GEE for the SUSL personnel.

Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Community Studies

The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Community Studies was established with the aim of providing facilities for those who are interested in postgraduate studies in indigenous knowledge and community studies. Accordingly, the centre has introduced three courses of study, namely Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). It also hosts an e-journal, Akyana (Narrations), dedicated to publish scholarly and research work in indigenous knowledge and community studies.

Career Guidance Unit

The Career Guidance Unit was established in April 1998 on the initiative of the UGC and its primary objectives are to ensure maximum employability of graduates with minimum waiting time period through proper guidance and improve qualities that enable them to achieve successful future careers.

Internal Quality Assurance Unit

The primary task of the Internal Quality Assurance Unitis to safeguard academic standards and quality of higher education qualifications and to inform and encourage continuous improvement in the management of the quality of higher education in the university.It oversees quality assurance for all teaching and learning processes, student support and institutional development. This unit ensures that the SUSL operates in conformity with the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) and academic standards and accreditation set forth by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of Sri Lanka

University Business Linkage Cell

The leading responsibility of the University Business Linkage Cell is to link the university  research and innovation activities with external business stakeholders. It strives to bridge the gap between private and state-owned businesses, the academic community, faculties and undergraduates. It liaises with the industrial sector by facilitating, supporting, analysing, negotiating, organising, documenting, planning and monitoring functions according to its portfolio, with the aim of achieving its objectives.