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The Centre for Research and Knowledge Dissemination at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (CRKD-SUSL) is a venue to promote research among the academics within the University, to make opportunities for presenting and publishing research findings for local and International Researchers, and to disseminate knowledge to the community. Apart from teaching, the University academics are entrusted to explore the novel knowledge through advanced research activities and to serve to the community through various activities towards national development. The Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, realizing the significance of such roles of the academics, has already created the required setups to enhance research activities and to serve the community but in an ad hoc manner. Therefore, the CRKD-SUSL is established, to formalize the ongoing activities for an efficient service.

The main objective of the CRKD-SUSL is to assist the academics in the university to contribute to the national development through high-quality research and disseminating such research knowledge to the community through local and international scientific meetings and university-community partnership programs.



Countries all over the world are confronted with multifarious challenges such as health pandemics, food security, environmental and green issues, and gender inequality. Enabled by the rapid technological advancements, conventional economic models are being transformed into knowledge-based economies regardless of geographical and national boundaries. However, as knowledge without experience would be useless and experience without knowledge would be harmful, more concerted efforts that bridge knowledge and experience have become imperative in overcoming the present-day challenges. Further, in transforming Sri Lanka into a knowledge hub in the Asian region, it is indeed needed to implement integrated approaches, recognizing both modern scientific knowledge and traditional knowledge while connecting them to hands-on experiences.

In this backdrop, “Bridging Knowledge and Experience to Combat Global Challenges” being the conference theme, ICSUSL 2021 aims to serve as a platform that brings together a vast array of stakeholders from a wide spectrum of disciplines towards achieving workable solutions for current issues and challenges through promoting scientific discussion. Being one of the major events of the year-long celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, ICSUSL 2021 will comprise keynote and plenary speeches from eminent scholars, oral and poster presentations and speed talks, pre-conference workshops, public discussions, as well as field visits, extending the efforts of SUSL in strengthening communities and their knowledge systems.