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Units and Committees

Research Coordinating Committee:

Research Coordinating Committee of the Center is responsible for promoting Research Culture of the University. It is also responsible for coordinating; monitoring and evaluation of the Research Projects conducted by the University and coordinate the activities and decisions taken at the Research Grants Committee of the University among Relevant Parties.


Publication Committee:

Publication Committee is responsible for the Production of University Publications such as SUSL Journal, Sabaragamuwa University Newsletter and Symposium Proceedings.


Symposium/Conference/ Workshop Organization Committee:

Symposium/Conference/ Workshop Organization Committee is responsible for organizing National/International Symposium, Conferences to discuss Research Findings and exchange knowledge among Local and International Scientific Community.


Extension and Public Awareness Unit:

Extension and Public Awareness Unit is responsible for organizing extension and public Awareness Programs to disseminate knowledge to the Community (General Public, Villagers, Farmers, School Teachers, and School Children etc.).


International Relations Unit:

International Relations Units responsible for promoting SUSL Academic Programs at International Level. It is also responsible for coordinating International Collaborative Activities of the SUSL, promoting SUSL Staff to build links with International Organizations and Universities and to Network International Research and other Service Programs conducted by different Faculties of the University and by Individual Staff Members.