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Faculty of Graduate Studies



Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (SUSL) offers its graduate qualifications through the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). The availability of several non-traditional, yet technologically influential courses leading to graduate qualifications have left a positive mark upon the university, highlighting the distinctiveness of FGS-SUSL within the national university system. Our potential to synthesise research based knowledge with the universal knowledge pool will add more value to the uniqueness that has so far characterised Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. These efforts, we believe, may not only help us define what Sabaragamuwa has contributed to human civilization in the past, but also what Twenty First Century humanity may gain from us in the future.


Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka was initially established at Rahangala in 1995 and was shifted to the main premises at Belihuloya in 2001. Faculty offers B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences and Management, a four year degree which provides specializations in Agribusiness Management, Commercial Horticulture, Plantation Management and Livestock Production. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences consists of three academic departments Agribusiness Management, Export Agriculture and Livestock Production, representing all possible disciplines related to Agriculture. Some centers and units established within the faculty are supported to academic and other activities and also helped to enhance soft skills of undergraduates. The faculty teaching farm provides a sound practical training on all kinds of crops and livestock species.

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Faculty Of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka was initially started as the Buttala Affiliated University College (BAUC) on 21st June 1993. The BAUC offered two diploma courses, one in Food Science and Technology and the other in English Language. With the elevation of the Affiliated University Colleges to fully fledged national Universities in early 1996, three Affiliated University Colleges; Sabaragamuwa Affiliated University College, Uva Affiliated University College and Buttala Affiliated University College were amalgamated to form the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and the BAUC became the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. With effect from March 2008, the faculty has been relocated in the main campus premises at Belihuloya.

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Faculty of Geomatics

The Faculty of Geomatics offers high quality geomatics related degrees and consists of a well qualified staff and latest technological resources. It delivers highly job oriented courses and the employability of the graduates is well over 99%. The faculty was established in 2004 as the successor of the Department of Surveying Sciences, which introduced the BSc in Surveying Sciences Degree Programme in 1997. Throughout the past decades it is being greatly developed both in infrastructure and human resources. Presently, the faculty has a student population of about 350 with the aim of producing about 100 graduates annually.


Faculty Of Management Studies

The Faculty of Management Studies comprises four departments; Department of Accountancy & Finance, Department of Business Management, Department of Marketing Management and Department of Tourism Management. The Faculty offers BSc Honours Degree Programmes in Financial Management, Banking & Insurance, Business Management, Marketing Management, EcoBusiness Management, Tourism Management and Hospitality Management under each department respectively for the students who gain direct entry to the Faculty on the basis of their performance at the GCE (Advanced Level) Examination. Presently the student allocation for each degree programme is done through the Faculty according to the students’ preference and z-score at the beginning of the degree programme.

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Faculty Of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine in Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka is the newest arrival to the chain of Medical Faculties in Sri Lanka. It becomes the eighth Faculty in the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The medical profession caters to one of the most crucial needs of the society, therefore, it stands to reason that medical degrees are among the most challenging and competitive paths to embark upon. This Faculty comprises of 15 Departments which are dedicated to achieve all aspects of her academic mission and objectives. The academic elements in the MBBS Degree Program are based on four main disciplinary pillars; theoretical education, clinical care, community engagement and research. The new Faculty buildings and the professorial unit are being constructed at the land adjacent to the Teaching Hospital, Ratnapura, which provides all clinical training facilities for the students.

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages


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Faculty Of Technology

Faculty of Technology is the seventh faculty of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. It has been established in the main university premises at Pambahinna. The faculty comprises of two academic departments, namely, the Department of Biosystems Technology, and the Department of Engineering Technology. The Faculty of Technology offers two degree programs: Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours degree through the Department of Biosystems Technology, and Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours degree through the Department of Engineering Technology. From 2018, the faculty intends to accommodate 75 students annually, for each degree program. The first two years of the degree programs will be conducted at a temporary building facility which is fully equipped with lecture halls, laboratories, and administration offices. The construction of the state-of-the art, fully-fledged faculty complex will be commenced shortly under a loan worth of USD 31 million from the Asian Development Bank.

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Faculty Department Head of the department Contacts
Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean Prof. HMS Priyanath


Asst. Registrar (Actg.)  

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Asst. Bursar (Actg.)  

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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

General: +94-45-2280014

Dean Professor MPS Magamage


Department of Agribusiness Management Professor DAM De Silva


Department of Export Agriculture Professor PMAS Karunaratne


Department of Export Agriculture Dr. TSP Jayaweera


Faculty of Applied Sciences

General: +94-45-2280014

Dean Dr. RS Sabaragamuwa


Department of Food Science & Technology Dr. WSM Senevirathne


Department of Natural Resources Dr. EP Kudavidanage


Department. of Physical Sciences & Technology Dr. Chamindah Baduraliya


Department. of Computing & Information Systems Professor S Vasanthapriyan


Department. of Sports Sciences & Physical Education Mrs. TSH Perera


Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Applied Sciences Mrs. AAY Abeysinghe


Faculty of Geomatics Dean Mr. Vipula Abeyratne

+94-45-3453009; EXT 4000

Department of CPRSG Dr. RMKGSPB Koswatte

+94-45-3453019; EXT 4032

Department of Surveying and Geodesy Dr. H Divithure

+94-45-3453071; EXT 4011

Faculty of Management Studies Dean Professor Athula Gnapala


Department of Accountancy and Finance Professor DG Dharmarathna


Department of Business Management Dr. HPR Priyankara


Department of Marketing Management Mr. D Jasingha


Department of Tourism Management Dr. S Munasinghe


Faculty of Medicine Dean Professor MN Wickramaratne


Assistant Registrar  


Faculty of Social Sciences & Languages Dean Dr. MACSS Fernando


Department of Economics and Statistics Dr. RAHM Rupasingha


Department of English Language Teaching Dr. KSN Prasangani


Department of Languages Dr. MAHESH Hapugoda



Department of Social Sciences Mr. SAMAN Handaragama



Department of Geography & Environmental Management Professor KVD Edirisooriya Menike



Assistant Registrar Mrs. YS Chandrasekara


Faculty of Technology Dean Prof. Kaveenga R. Koswattage


Department of Engineering Technology Dr. NP Liyanawaduge



Department of Biosystems Technology Dr. W.G.M.S. Perera



Assistant Registrar Mr. D. S. Roshan C. Sawanawadu


Unit Head of the department Contacts
Centre For Computer Studies Mr. RMNB Rathnayake


Centre for Gender Equity and Equality  


Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Community Studies (CIKCS)  


Centre for Open and Distance Learning  


Office Of Quality Assurance Prof. H.A.Darshanee Ruwandeepika

+94-45-3121889 /

Centre for Research and Knowledge Dissemination Prof. BTGS Kumara


Staff development Center  

+94-45-2280179 /

Career Guidance Unit  



Department of Physical Education  



University Business Linkage Cell Professor D.A.Indunil Dayaratne