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University Research Grants

# Name Title of the Research Period
1 Prof. D.A.M. De Silva SUSL/RG/2015/01 Value chain analysis of the underutilized and neglected crops in small holder farming systems in Sri Lanka.  
2 Dr. M.D.E.K. Gunathilake SUSL/RG/2015/02 An Investigation into Sea Level Rise in Sri Lankan Waters with Satellite Altimetry 02 years
3 Prof. Udaya Rathnayake SUSL/RG/2015/03 Nutritional Quality and Potential Food Applications of Natural Colorants Existed in Under-exploited Tuber and Root Grown in Sri Lanka. 02 years
4 Prof. M.P.S. Magamage SUSL/RG/2015/06 Effect of angiogenic VEGF isoforms and anti-angiogenic VEGF165B during Development 01 year
5 Prof. Wasantha Rathnayake SUSL/RG/2015/07 Estimating a ‘Conservation tax’ for Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation: A Choice Modeling Approach  
6 Prof. M.S.M. Aslam SUSL/RG/2016/01 Role of Tourism in Empowering Veddas Community of Sri Lanka 01 year
7 Prof. W.K.A.C. Gnanapala SUSL/RG/2016/02 Beach Boys and their Impacts on Healthy Tourism Operations in Coastal Regions of Sri Lanka. 01 year
8 Prof. H.M.S. Priyanath SUSL/RG/2016/03 The Effect of Network Relationships on Transaction Cost of Small Enterprises in Sri Lanka.  
9 Prof. P.I. Yapa SUSL/RG/2016/04 Environmentally Induced Forest Die-back in Horton Plains: Sources of Contaminants, their fate and mitigating toxicity with Natural Geo-sorbents 03 years
10 Prof. Chandana P. Udawatte SUSL/RG/2016/05 Hydrothermal extraction of metal oxide from Sri Lankan mineral sands 03 years
11 Dr. W.S.M. Senevirathne SUSL/RG/2016/06 Investigation of malpractices in harvesting and processing that affect on Standers Export Quality Specifications of Ceylon Nutmeg: a case study of small scale nutmeg producers in Matale, Sri Lanka 03 years
12 Prof. A. Sarath Ananda SUSL/RG/2016/07 A study of Infant Mortality trends in Sri Lanka: Reason for its Rapid Decline over time and Regional Differences at present 01 year
13 Prof. P. Kapila Dissanayake SUSL/RG/2016/08 Diversity analysis of Syzigium cumini (Ma Dan) from ecologically different regions in Sri Lanka for morphology, genetic and antimicrobial activity of plant extracts 02 years
14 Prof. C.N. Walpita SUSL/RG/2016/09 Identifying geographical distribution, predictive modelling and DNA barcoding of fish species in Family Channidae and developing captive breeding protocols for it’s endemic members, Channa ara and Channa orientails. 03 years
15 Dr. L.M.C.S. Menike SUSL/RG/2016/10 The effect of financial literacy on Firm Performances of Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka 01 year
16 Prof. M. Esham SUSL/RG/2016/11 Towards food Security in Sri Lanka: A framework to strengthen the adaptive capacity of the food system to climate change. 01 year
17 Dr. S.H.P. Malkanthi SUSL/RG/2016/12 Potential of the Development of Organic Agriculture in Sri Lanka: Farmer’s and Government Officials’ Point of View 01 year
18 Prof. S.K. Gunatilake SUSL/RG/2016/13 Impact of Chemico-environmental, agrogenic and climatological factors on the onset of chronic kid ney disease of uncertain etiology in Monaragala District, Sri Lanka 02 years
19 Prof. H.S.R. Rosairo SUSL/RG/2016/14 The role of facilitating organizations and dynamics of facilitation of farmer-owned firms in Sri Lanka 01 year
20 Dr. H.M.I. Prasanna SUSL/RG/2016/15 Winning the war for Talent: Shaping the Strategic Direction of the Surveying Profession 01 year
21 Prof. A. Aruna Shantha SUSL/RG/2016/16 Economic Losses of Chronic Kidney Diseases of Uncertain Etiology (CKDue) in the Dar-Zone of Sri Lanka: Cost of Illness approach. 01 year
22 Dr. L.V. Ranaweera SUSL/RG/2016/17 Brittle deformation, Mass movements of Sri Lanka and their failure mechanisms: Understanding towards risk reduction 03 years
23 Prof. B.T.G.S. Kumara SUSL/RG/2016/18 An Online Platform for Predicting Crops based on Environmental Variables 02 years
24 Mrs. K.M. Somawathie SUSL/RG/2016/19 Antioxidant activity and induced DNA damage inhibition potential of cooked vegetables after in-vitro digestion 01 year
25 Prof. M.N. Wickramaratne SUSL/RG/2016/20 Assessment of nutritional status and physical activity levels in undergraduates attached to Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka 03 years
26 Prof. D.A.M. De Silva SUSL/RG/2016/22 The gender question in improving small-scale agricultural value chains and the premium women-empowering products could command 01 year
27 Dr. H.K. Salinda Premadasa SUSL/RG/2017/02 Developing and Evaluating SMS notification system for CKDu patients in Sri Lanka. 01 year
28 Dr. Udeni Jayalal SUSL/RG/2017/03 Study of Higher Plant and Possible Lower Plants Diversity in the University Premises of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and Establishment of Herbarium Collection. 02 years
29 Dr. R.M.K.T. Ratnayake SUSL/RG/2017/04 New Hybrid Statistical Approach for Time Series Forecasting Under the Volatility 02 years
30 Mrs. J.W.A. Sajiwanie SUSL/RG/2017/05 Potential application of Fruit Peel Powders as Texture Modifiers and functional Ingredient in Fat and Sugar free Probiotic Yoghurt 02 years
31 Dr. W.M.J. Welgama SUSL/RG/2017/07 The Sick Role of Elderly Cancer Patients: A Sociological Analysis 01 year
32 Prof. Hiniduma Sunil Senevi SUSL/RG/2017/08 Post-Colonial Indigenization Campaign and Invention of New Traditions in Sri Lanka: A Cultural Reading Based on the Context of the Production of Maname 02 years
33 Dr. T.C. Gamage SUSL/RG/2017/11 Determinants of Cloud Computing Adoption by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Sri Lanka: An Integrated TAM-TOE Framework 01 year
34 Dr. G.S.N. Perera SUSL/RG/2017/15   01 year
35 Dr. E.P.N. Udayakumara SUSL/RG/2018/01 Effective Utilization of Eppawala Rock Phosphate using Natural Microbe Cultures and determining the effectively as a fertilizer 02 years
36 Dr. T.S.P. Jayaweera SUSL/RG/2018/03 Biofilm of Salmonella spp on food contact surfaces and the sensitivity to commonly used antibiotics and sanitizers 02 yeats
37 Prof. S. Vasanthapriyan SUSL/RG/2018/04 A Study of Software Testing Practices in Sri Lankan Software Companies – A Mixed Method Study 02 years
38 Prof. J.M.C.K. Jayawardana SUSL/RG/2019/01 Critical assessment of hydrogeochemical processes in Walawa River Basin using geochemical and stable isotope signatures 02 years
38 Dr. Sandun Perera SUSL/RG/2019/02 Social, Ecological and Environmental Corrections of Human-Leopard Interaction in the Upper Kelani River Basin, Sri Lanka: Species Management with Wider Biodiversity Conservation Implications 02 years
39 Dr. A.D. Ampitiyawatte SUSL/RG/2019/03 Assessment of extreme climate events and their impact on agriculture in major climatic zones of Sri Lanka 02 years