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Centre for Computer Studies


The service center staff of the CCS handles all the engineering, technical, electronic, electrical, and computer repairing, trouble shooting inside the University. This will help to carry out all the University activities such as not only the academic activities but also administrative activities very smoothly and effectively.

Main Services

  • Technical Support and Preventive Maintenances of Computer Systems
  • Network Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Electronic, Electrical, Telephone System Maintenance
  • Technical Support for Lectures, Special Events, Event Handling at the Auditoriums and Computing Service Center Training Programs.



Reinstalling Operating Systems

The reinstallation of a computer's operating system, the latest security patches for that operating systems software and all appropriate hardware drivers are included as one service.

Software Installation

Provide and install all necessary software for all academic programs not only for computers in the computer centers but also personal laptop computers of lecturers, administrative staff members, non-academic staff members and students.

Virus, Software and Adware Removal

The removal of malicious code usually referred to as adware, spy-ware, and viruses, which affect a computer's performance, functionality and poses a security risk on the University network.

Network Connectivity/Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and resolution of wired or wireless network connectivity issues that limit a  Internet access of the University community due in part to configuration settings, software drivers or malware such as viruses and external disasters such as lightening, electricity distortions etc.

Applications Troubleshooting       (Microsoft Office)

Troubleshooting Microsoft's Office applications for irregular and inconsistent performance.

Use the following application form for obtaining any of the above facility and mail it to mail address. (Request can be made by only the University community member)

Any complain on the services of the CCS can be made by e-mailing to the mail address.