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Vision and Mission


Sabaragamuwa University Library serves as an entryway to global information, enabling direct and remote access to resources in a variety of formats. The library is a dynamic partner in the educational experience at the university, evolving to meet the changing needs of its diverse community of learners, while advancing towards the mission, values and vision of the university. 


Advancing critical thinking and creativity for a diverse community of users building, organizing and maintaining focused collections for academic, creative and research interests and teaching users to identify, locate, access and effectively use a full range of information resources.

In  fulfilling the main objective of developing the university through self studies and self improvement, the university libraries in the country play a major role. The Sabaragamuwa university has four libraries: the library of the Faculty of Management Studies, the library of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, the library of Faculty of Medicine and the Main Library. The main library serves the needs of three faculties at the moment - the Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages, the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and the Faculty of Geomatics. Those of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Management Studies serve the needs of their clients. At present SUSL is actively involved in developing e-information provision.