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The library is with a separate periodicals collection and contains following periodical titles. Apart from the above, many occasional publications are also stocked.

Following list shows the available periodicals in the library.


Subscribed Periodicals

No Title
1 Aerospace Engineering  (On Line)

Asia – Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education

3 Business LK (monthly)
4 Business Today (monthly)
5 Construction Engineering and Management (On Line)
6 Desathiya (දෙසතිය) (monthly & bimonthly)
7 Dirimaga (quarterly)
8 Environmental Engineering (On line)
9 Explore Sri Lanka (monthly)
10 Eya (ඇය) (occasionally)
11 Fortune (fortnightly)
12 Gnanam (Tamil) (monthly)
13 GPS World (on line and print)
14 Indian Journals Data Base(on line database of journals)
15 Hanzard  (weekly)
16 Harvard Business Review (monthly)
17 Highway and Transportation Research & Development  (on line)
18 Journal of Marketing Research (print & on line) (bimonthly)
19 Journal of  Surveying Engineering (on line)
20 Journal of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (annually)
21 LMD (monthly)
22 LST Review (monthly & bimonthly)
23 Muthuhara (මුතුහර) (monthly & bi monthly)
24 National Geography (monthly)
25 Nature (weekly)
26 New Scientist (weekly)
27 Pariganaka (පරිගණක) (monthly)
28 Prabodhaya (ප්‍රබෝධය) (monthly)
29 Pralekha (ප්‍රලේඛා) (occasionally)
30 Readers’ Digest (monthly)
31 Samabima (සමබිම) (monthly & bimonthly)
32 Satahana (සටහන) (monthly)
33 SLEMA Journal (occasionally)
34 Sri Lanka Exporter (quarterly)
35 Sri Lanka Journal of Advanced Social Studies (occasionally)
36 Sri Lanka Journal of  International & Comparative Law (occasionally)
37 Sugarcane Sri Lanka : Journal of Sugarcane Research Institute, Sri Lanka  (occasionally)
38 Survey Review (on line journal ) (not activated)
39 Time  (weekly)
40 Urban Planning and Development (on line)
41 Vidusara (විදුසර) (weekly)
42 Waidyawaraya (වෛද්‍යවරයා) (monthly)












































Donation Periodicals 

No Title
1 Bankers Journal - Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka
2 Bulletin - Association of Commonwealth Universities
3 Deutshland : Forum on Politics, Culture and Business
4 Gajah :  Journal of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group
5 Guwansara
6 India Darshanaya
7 India Perspectives
8 India Perspectives (Tamil)
9 International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development
10 JICA Bulletin
11 Journal of Agricultural Sciences
12 Journal of  the Institution of Engineers
13 Journal of Environmental  Professionals Sri Lanka
14 Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka
15 Journal of the National Institute of Plantation Management
16 Link Natural Products Digest
17 Maha Megha
18 Medarata Asiri
19 Muragala
20 Parliamentary Research Journal
21 Professional Manager
22 Rubber Puwath
23 Sabaragamuwa Shasthriya Sangrahaya
24 Sabaragamuwa University Journal
25 Sama Vimarshi
26 SGI Quarterly
27 Siyoth
28 SLQS Journal
29 Sri Lanka Human Development Report -2012 – United Nations Development Programme
30 Sri Lanka Journal of Agrarian Studies
31 Sri Lanka Journal of Economic Research
32 Sri Lanka Journal of Indigenous Medicine (SLJIM)
33 Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences
34 Sri Lanka Journal of Tea Science
35 Sri Lanka National Bibliography
36 Sri Lankan Journal of Physics
37 The Journal of the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka
38 The Journal of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
39 The Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities
40 The Torch: The Journal of the Sri Lanka Military Academy
41 The Valuer
42 Vanajivi
43 Vasthu
44 Vesak Sirisara
45 Wildlanka : Journal of the Department of Wildlife Conservation