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Taylor & Francis accessible ebooks

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S.No Title / Description Author ISBN URL
1 Nature Unbound Jim Igoe , Rosaleen Duffy and Dan Brockington 9781849772075

2 Adventure TourisTourism and Responsibility Ralf Buckley 9781856178358
3 Tourism and Responsibility Martin Mowforth , Clive Charlton and Ian Munt 9780203934401
4 The Ethics of Tourism Development Mick Smith and Rosaleen Duffy 9780203634325
5 Tourism and Postcolonialism Edited by Michael C. Hall and Hazel Tucker 9780203392270
6 Tourism and Innovation Michael C. Hall and Williams Allan 9780203938430
7 Tourist Experience Edited by Richard Sharpley and Philip Stone 9780203855942
8 The Study of Tourism Richard Sharpley 9780203885048
9 Critical Issues in Ecotourism James Higham 9780080488608
10 Ecotourism David A. Fennell 9780080940182
11 Environment and Tourism Andrew Holden 9780203991930
12 Events Feasibility and Development William O'Toole 9780080940595
13 Handbook of Marketing Research Methodologies for Hospitality and Tourism Ronald A. Nykiel 9780203448557
14 Hospitality Business Development Ahmed Hassanien, Edinburgh Napier Crispin Dale, Alan Clarke, 9780080884981
15 Qualitative Research in Tourism   9780203642986
16 Marketing Island Destinations Edited by Sherma Roberts and Acolla Lewis-Cameron 9780123849106
17 Tourism and National Parks Edited by Warwick Frost and C. Michael Hall 9780203884201
18 The Ecotourism-Extraction Nexus Edited by Bram Büscher and Veronica Davidov 9780203384855
19 Political Ecology and Tourism Edited by Sanjay Nepal and Jarkko Saarinen 9781315723471
20 Rainforest Tourism, Conservation and Management Edited by Bruce Prideaux 9780203087183
21 Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts C. Michael Hall and Alan A. Lew 9780203875872
22 Sport and Tourism James Higham and Tom Hinch 9780080942643
23 Tourism and Agriculture Edited by Rebecca Torres and Janet Momsen 9780203834404
24 Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century   9780080519395
25 Planning Research in Hospitality & Tourism LeventAltinay and AlexandrosParaskevas 9780080555942
26 Tourism Management Stephen J. Page 9780080481425
27 Nation Branding Keith Dinnie 9780080554570
28 Student's Guide to Writing Dissertations and Theses in Tourism Studies and Related Disciplines Tim Coles, 9780203078785
29 Human Resource Management for the Event Industry Lynn Van Der Wagen, and Lauren White 9781315851969
30 Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries Dennis Nickson 9780080469461
31 Human Resource ManagTourism Policy and Planningement in the Hospitality Industry Michael Boella, and Steven Goss-Turner 9780080458052
32 Tourism and Entrepreneurship JovoAteljevic, and 9780080942728
33 Tourism Policy and Planning Tourism Policy and Planning 9780080942506
34 Issues in Cultural Tourism Studies Melanie Smith 9780203869857
35 Tourism Geography Stephen Williams, and Alan A. 9780203197554
36 Sports Marketing Larry DeGaris 9780203097618
37 Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism Kaye Sung Chon , Abraham PizamandYoelMansfeld 9780203047613