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Farm - Facilities

Mainly Consists with three Units

  1. Live- stock production Unit
  2. Crop production Unit
  3. Farm Stay Unit

When we consider Live-stock Unit

  1. Swine Unit
  2. Poultry Unit
  3. Layer Unit
  4. Broiler Unit
  5. Dairy Cattle Unit
  6. Rabbit Unit
  7. Goat Unit
  8. Miscellaneous Unit

Dairy Cattle Unit

we have Dairy unit capacity with 25 cows rearing facilities shed

We have only pure jercy cows

Swine Unit

We have swine unit, capacity with 25 pigs rearing unit

We have Durock, Landrace & large white breeds

Poultry Unit

We have Broiler and layer unit separately

Broiler unit cob 500 breeds

Layer shaver Brown

Goat Unit

We have capacity with 50 Goats animals rearing Unit

Now we have Jamunapari and sanan breeds

Rabbit Unit

We have capacity with 100 rearing unit

Now available new Zealand white and flemient giant breeds

Miscellaneous Unit

We have different variety of breeds

  1. Quail
  2. Bantam
  3. Guinea Fowl
  4. Jungle Fowl
  5. Turkey
  6. Village chicken

Crop Production Unit

Mainly we have perennial field crops


  • Tea
  • Rubber
  • Coconuts

Field Crop – Vegetables & Grasses

Farm Stay Unit – mainly we have 3 cabanas

  • Lake View
  • Farm View
  • Mountain View