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Computer Unit - Curriculum


Year Code Subject
Year I Semester I AG11040 Introduction to Information Technology and Computer Applications
Year I Semester II AG12030 End User Applications
Year II Semester I AG21030 Database systems and Visual Programming
Year II Semester II AG22020 Web Designing and Graphic animation
Year III Semester I AG31020 Statistical Application I
Year III Semester I AG32020 Statistical Application II


Year Code Subject
Year I Semester I AG 1102 Computer Science I
Year I Semester II AG 1202 Computer Science II
Year II Semester I AG 2102 Computer Science III
Year II Semester II AG 2202 Computer Science IV
Year III Semester I AG 3102 Computer Science V
Year III Semester II AG 3202 Computer Science VI
Year IV Semester I AG 4102 Computer Science VII