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Agrifac Farm Stay - Nearest Places

Uggal Aluthnuwara Devalaya

BalangodaAluthnuwra is a same diction for UggalAluthnuwra historical village. This Devalaya is very popular among tourists and it provides an ideal opportunity to see Sabaragamuwa with Several unique features. It is 10km away from the farm stay.According to a manuscript and to folk song and tales, UggalAluthnuwara and the dewalya's recorded history begins with 1382 A.D.(GampolakindominSri Lanka) The village recorded history is contained in "Lekammitiya" and "Kandakumarasiritha" It is the sub shrine dedicated to the god Katharagama in Sri Lanka. It still has the Raja mahavihare, ancient Dagoba, ancient Bo-tree, ancient jack tree KataragamaDevale, PattiniDevale, a moonstone, old stone pillars, a 600 year old wooden arch, a stone arch and ruins. Old gold jewelery too can be discovered here



This is located just 7km away, from the university. This 100m high dam has created a reservoir of nearly 350 square kilo meters of water at the confluence of the Walaweriver and Belihuloya rivers. The power station for the hydroelectric project, which has a capacity of 120 megawatts, is located about 6km away from the dam.

Horton Plains

This 3,162 hectare national park is a natural playground without rivals in Sri Lanka. Best known for World’s End, which on a rare clear day would offer a spectacular view of the sea. Also, home to leopards, sāmbhar, eagles and many species of butterflies, as well as rare orchids,keena trees and exotic mosses. Horton Plains is a watershed of tremendous importance containing the second and third highest mountains in Sri Lanka. World’s End is a 21km journey up the motorable road through the Nonpariel Estate and a 4km walk through the jungle from there

Bambarakanda Waterfall

Highest waterfall in Sri Lanka (241 m; 790 ft) located about 20km from the university, off the Ohiya road near Kalupahana. Plunges between Mt. Welihena and Bambaragala, over steep precipice bordered by dark, green pine forests. The deep pool in the valley below, is surrounded by paddy fields

Adisham Bungalow

45 km drive from Agrifac Farm Stay will lead you to Adisham, a monastery run by Benedictine Monks. Wrapped in the tranquillity of the misty hills, Adisham Bungalow attracts every eye that falls on it. The pages of history reveal that the creator of this enthralling place is Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. Sir Thomas Lister Villiers was born in 1869 in Adisham, an ancient village which lies in the hollow of the Kent country side. He was the son of Reverend Prebendary Henry Montegu Villiers who belonged to Clarendon family and his mother was Lady Victoria Russell the daughter of (Grandfather of Sir Thomas Lister Villiers) who was twice the prime minister of Britain (1846 - 52, & 1865 - 66). As leader of the Whig party, he was most responsible for changing its name to the Liberal Party

Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest

Still relatively untouched by man, this rain forest is the only living witness to Sri Lanka’s history. An estimated 75% of its flora is unique to this country and 19 of its 142 bird species have yet to be found outside this forest. Sinharaja is the wellspring for the Kukuleganga and Ginganga rivers. From the University, take the Colombo A4 road to ThirivanaKetiya Junction, about 5km before Ratnapura then follow the Kalawana Road to Weddagala town, and is about a 3 hour journey by a vehicle.

Uda-Walawe National Park

This is home to more than 250 elephants, as well as Barking Deer, Leopards, the Red-faced Malkoha and many other bird species. At the center of the park is the UdaWalawe Tank, created by a 5km dam on the Walawe Ganga. It’s about 2½ hour trip by vehicle from the University.

Galagama Falls

This is the last of a series of waterfalls on the Belihuloya, a tributary of the Walaweriver. Local residents call the 5m fall “Pahantuda Ella” because it resembles the wick of an oil lamp, with the river pouring into a deep pool surrounded by a water smoothed rock wall. It is located about 5km away from the Belihuloya Rest House off the motorable road to Assaddunwela on a path through scrub jungle and paddy fields along the rocky riverbed.