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The 2nd Undergraduate colloquium, GEOSYM2020 was successfully held on 21st January 2021 at the Faculty of Geomatics


This forum provided the opportunity to undergraduates to share their research findings and discuss the implications of them with academics within and across disciplines, peers, and the greater community. They will also be able to enhance their knowledge and soft skills that may be useful for their future career, and publish their abstracts in the GEOSYM2020 abstract book. In conjunction with the undergraduate session, a professional session was also introduced this time, especially as a means to research experience and the research culture with the novices.  The student research symposium was a timely and virtual platform for young innovators to position themselves in the global field of research and academia. The initiative of GEOSYM enhanced the potentiality and innovativeness of the undergraduates by motivating them to engage in novel researches and coming up with neoteric findings is a milestone for their future career. This forum was s a pinnacle of the undergraduate quadrennial period of learning and training and it promulgates the scientific knowledge and experience to the global community.